Introducing Suzy Quilts 8wt Thread for Aurifil

The new Evolve 8wt thread by Suzy Quilts for Aurifil is perfect for your next hand quilting project!

Today's post is an exciting announcement! For over a year Aurifil Thread and I have been working behind the scenes to create a brand new 8wt thread. We went back and forth many times with their mill in Italy to get all of the elements just right and I am proud to say that this 8wt Suzy Quilts thread is amazing! 

Presented on elegant white wooden spools, Aurifil 8wt is a 2ply thread with a lovely yarn-like texture and beautiful sheen. This 100% cotton 8wt thread marks Aurifil's first thread weight debut in 6 years and is destined to be the must-have of 2024. The 20-piece collection coordinates perfectly with my fabric collections with Art Gallery Fabrics — Duval, Signature Solids, and Evolve.

Suzy Quilts Thread
Suzy Quilts Aurifil Thread

And here's my little assistant showing off his TIE fighter rocket launchers. Thanks, Desi!

Suzy Quilts Aurifil 8wt thread
8wt Suzy Quilts thread for Aurifil

Where to Purchase Aurifil 8wt Suzy Quilts Thread

The easiest way to purchase this thread collection at the moment is straight from the Aurifil website. As this thread starts shipping to sewing shops all over the world, you will soon be able to find it in your local shops. And if your local shop owner doesn't know about this thread, tell them to jump on board!

Purchase Aurifil 8wt Suzy Quilts thread here.

How to Use 8wt Thread

If you're new to 8wt thread, you might be wondering when or how it can be incorporated into your next sewing project. My favorite way to use this weight is hand quilting. In fact, years ago Aurifil reached out about a collaboration with their 12wt. thread.

As much as I love sewing with their 40, 50, and even 80wt threads, I was loyal to hand quilting with 8wt. I just love the thickness and texture it brings to a quilt! So when they got back to me that the timing was right for them to make an 8wt. thread, I couldn't wait to get started on the process!

The Planetarium Quilt Pattern is a quirky and modern interpretation of moon and stars

Above is the Planetarium quilt.

Hand Quilting

Any time someone asks me how to hand quilt I tell them that the initial learning curve is not steep. It's actually pretty easy. If you want to get fast, even stitches – all that takes is practice. The supplies are few and relatively inexpensive. All you need is thread, a needle, and your favorite thimble. Oh! And did I mention this kind of sewing is portable?

For a full tutorial on how to hand quilt, check out this blog post!

My Favorite Hand-Quilting Supplies:

Embroidery and Cross Stitch

I haven't done much of either of these things, but some of the Aurifil 8wt sample makers made some beautiful things with the thread. Here are a couple examples.

Embroidery with Aurifil 8wt Suzy Quilts Thread
Cross Stitch with Aurifil 8wt Suzy Quilts Thread

Even Machine Quilting!

Now this is new to me because I even have a blog post about how 12wt thread is the thickest weight you can put in your sewing machine. BUT, I am happy to be proven wrong! One of the Aurifil artisans used this 8wt thread to machine quilt. Who knew!

She said that she used a slightly thinner thread, I'm thinking maybe 28wt or 40wt? in her bobbin. The pillow in the photo below is the one she sewed with her machine.

Machine quilting with Aurifil 8wt thread

Aurifil + Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024

I had the pleasure of going to QuiltCon last weekend and spending time with the Aurifil Team. From left to right: Bradley, Claire, and Erin. You probably know Laura and then there's me on the end. Oh, and baby quilts in my belly.

Aurifil Team at QuiltCon 2024

I gave a 30-minute demo on how I like to use the 8wt thread. As I do most things in life, I got up there and winged it. Thankfully you all were a fantastic audience and didn't mind.  🙂

Aurifil Demo for Suzy Quilts Thread

Here I am in the Aurifil booth holding up my Evolve wall hanging (sideways...oops!). More on that below.

Aurifil Wall Hanging at QuiltCon 2024

The Quilt Alliance was kind enough to give me a chance to talk about my process making this Evolve wall hanging in one of their Go Tell It! videos. Once it's live I'll circle back and post it here.

Go Tell It with The Quilt Alliance at QuiltCon 2024

Last, but not least, I got to meet, connect and HUG so many of you while I was there! You wore your cute Suzy Quilts shirts and sweatshirts and we got to talk about our favorite hobby — holding babies! Juuuust kidding. SEWING! But isn't this little munchkin the cutest thing you've ever seen??

Suzy Quilts meet and greet and t-shirts at QuiltCon 2024

Evolve Wall Hanging

So here's how this design played out.

  1. I started off designing the Evolve fabric collection.
  2. I then used those motifs and Signature Solid fabric colors for the packaging design of this thread collection.
  3. From there I made these shirts and sweatshirts.
  4. Then a week and a half before leaving for QuiltCon I designed this wall hanging and somehow finished it the night before I flew to Raleigh. Phew!
  5. I made some cute matching flyers and stickers in there too.

Here's my original mockup...

Evolve Wall hanging mock up

Once I had that settled, I used the raw-edge appliqué techniques from this tutorial to put it together. Here's a list of the fabrics:

  • Background: AGF Signature Solid Truffle
  • Colors: AGF Signature Solid Poppy, Spiced, Queen Bee, Matcha, Hemlock, Honeymoon, Haze

First I fused Pellon Wonder Under Fusible Web 805 to the back of my fabric. Then I traced my shapes onto the fabric with a water soluble marker. After cutting out each shape, I placed them on my background fabric. To keep the shapes in the right place, I lightly marked a grid on my background fabric using some drafting chalk.

Raw edge applique with Suzy Quilts Signature Solids

After peeling off the fusible paper, I lightly spritzed the pieces with water, then pressed them with a semi-hot iron so they would stick to the background fabric. I don't use a pressing cloth (even though the instructions on the webbing say to) because sometimes the pressing cloth makes my pieces move and then stick down in the wrong spot. If I make sure the heat is low enough, I don't have any scorching issues.

Raw edge applique with Suzy Quilts Signature Solids

You can kind of see one of my Evolve stickers on my water bottle in this next photo.

Raw edge applique with Suzy Quilts Signature Solids

I didn't want binding distracting from the appliqué design, so I followed this finishing technique to finish it kind of like a pillow or table runner. I was then able to quilt right up to the edges. Isn't that nice?

Hand Quilting the Evolve wall hanging with 8wt Aurifil thread by Suzy Quilts

I loosely planned out my thread choices based on the fabric colors, but for the most part I just played with what felt right.

Hand Quilting the Evolve wall hanging with 8wt Aurifil thread by Suzy Quilts

For the stitching in the negative spaces I made templates from scrap paper of some of the shapes, then stitched around them. 

Hand Quilting the Evolve wall hanging with 8wt Aurifil thread by Suzy Quilts

And here she is! The finished Evolve wall hanging is 30" x 30". What do you think? It would not have turned out as vibrant and sparkly without this exceptional thread to accent the fabric. What a splendid match!

Hand Quilting the Evolve wall hanging with 8wt Aurifil thread by Suzy Quilts

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Suzy Quilts Thread Details

All of the Evolve thread collection colors coordinate with current Aurifil thread colors, so you can match them with your entire project no matter the weight. They are: 

Aurifil 8wt Suzy Quilts Thread

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy individual spools of this 8wt thread?

At the moment, my 8wt thread will only be sold as a full collection of 20 spools. If that changes in the future, we will be sure to let Suzy Quilts readers know! The best way to stay up to date on all Suzy Quilts news is to subscribe to our newsletter.  

Is this thread ethically made?

YES. Each spool is crafted in Milan, Italy. While there it undergoes 15 steps before it becomes a spool ready for use. All Aurifil thread is Oeko-Tex certified too! (Just like all Art Gallery Fabrics) This certification relates to how a product is processed, including things like dyes and finishes used. It means that Aurifil threads are certified free of harmful chemicals and are completely safe for human use and those working in the factory have safe working conditions.

What type of cotton is used in this 8wt thread?

Aurifil is 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown in the MAKO region of Egypt on the river Nile.

Does this 8wt thread have a sheen?

Oh heck yes! Achieving the perfect sheen was a big part of our back and forth process. This thread is mercerized, which is a process that not only strengthens the thread, but also provides it with a beautiful sheen.

15 thoughts on “Introducing Suzy Quilts 8wt Thread for Aurifil

  1. Michele Pintarch says:

    Love the thread collection, Suzy! Hand quilting is one of my favorite things to do. Your wall hanging is just great. And a sticker would be grand if your selling them. So cute. 🥰

  2. Susie says:

    Will you be making up a kit for the hanging? I think it is absolutely delightful. Just so you don’t get bored before baby arrives! How do you do it???

    • Suzy Williams says:

      Haha! Oh you know me, I could never get bored 😉 I won’t be making a kit, but luckily the fabric requirements will be simple enough that they should be easy to get. I’m writing the tutorial now and I’ll get back to you once it’s up!

  3. Jackie says:

    Where can we buy Suzy Quilts sweatshirts and stickers? I’m a sweatshirt and sticker hoarder 🤣 also, will this wall hanging be a pattern we can purchase as well?

    • Suzy Williams says:

      I’m so glad you like this design! I’m actually writing the pattern now and will post it for FREE on the blog! I figure it’s such a specific design, that our average reader won’t want to make it, but for those who are interested, I’d love for it to be available! These sweatshirts and shirts will be available again in August (2024). I’ll post about them in our newsletter, so be sure to sign up and check that – As for stickers, I actually just got 200 more in the mail (they’re so cute!) I haven’t decided how to sell/give them to people. I may give them to my friend Sarah, at, and have her sell them with the purchase of an order. I’m not sure I’m up for shipping things at 36 weeks pregnant 😉

  4. Sharon Lemon says:

    I don’t know if I missed it but do you sell a pattern for the Evolve wall hanging? Love the thread, too. You are so creative-how do you find the time? I really appreciate the free information you so generously provide.

    • Suzy Williams says:

      You’re are so sweet! I wasn’t planning on selling a pattern for this wall hanging, but I could pretty easily provide a tutorial on how to make it. Honestly, I didn’t think the interest would be there because it’s a little time intensive.

  5. Sharon says:

    It’s so pretty I could find some time. For me I think the shapes would be the most important thing. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

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