Is Knit a 4-Letter Word? How to Sew with Knits!

Quilting with knits is not hard, there are just some tricks and tips to know. Learn all about how to sew with knits!

My quilty friends, we’ve talked about many things within the pages of this blog. We’ve covered flannel and linen fabric, cotton and poly thread; we’ve even waved goodbye to conventional wadding and ushered in a new era of bamboo, wool, and midnight-shaded batting. But there’s still one material in which we've barely skimmed the surface, even though it’s a very fine surface indeed.


How to Edit Colors of Quilt Mockups Using Adobe Illustrator

If you are a planner, or maybe have trouble picking fabrics for a quilt, check out this video tutorial showing you how to edit digital quilt mockups to test out various colors and swatches. This is an Adobe Illustrator tutorial.

This video tutorial on editing colors of digital quilt mockups is specifically geared towards Adobe Illustrator CC. You may be able to apply some of these tips to other color changing programs or apps, but I couldn't say for sure. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Illustrator CC, read below for a quick explanation.


Is There a Right Side to Quilt Batting?

Does batting have a right and wrong side? The answer is yes! Check out this photo guide to help you find the right batting for your next quilt.

Last week, on the Suzy Quilts Patterns Facebook Group (yes, I hope you read that like the episode recap narrator of your favorite TV show), someone asked if there was a right and wrong side to quilt batting.

Let me just say that I’m thankful for my quilting community for a lot of reasons: the crazy creativity, original ideas, and incredible muffin recipes… but I’m also thankful for you all because you ask amazing questions that I probably wouldn't have come up with!


24 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Personal Style

24 Instagram accounts to inspire your personal color and style!

Although this post can be skimmed for a fantastic list of Instagram accounts to inspire your creativity, at the heart of it I'm going to attack one question I get asked regularly, "How do you pick colors?"

I'm a textiles designer with a background in graphic design, so "picking colors" is something I've been doing for most of my life.