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Quilted Hat Tote Tutorial

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Make your next quilt soft and cuddly with a microfiber blanket as quilt backing. We have tips to help you make your quilt extra cozy!

How To Use a Microfiber Blanket as Quilt Backing

Would you like to make your next quilt irresistibly soft and cuddly? Try a microfiber blanket as quilt backing and you may never go back to regular quilting cotton! The snuggle factor is off the charts making them perfect for any child-related project, couch throws, quilts that will be gifted, and any other quilt you intend to truly use a lot.

In this 5 minute guide to sewing needles we cover every kind of machine needle and hand sewing needle you may need as a quilter and crafter.

5 Minute Guide to Sewing Needles

By popular request I'm here today with a 5 minute guide to sewing needles! Did you know that there are approximately 50 million different types of sewing needles?

Ok, ok. Maybe there aren't that many. But if you've ever gone to the store to buy new needles and seen a big wall with rows and rows of different kinds, you know it can be intimidating to know which ones to buy for your project.