Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024

Are you going to QuiltCon 2024? So is Suzy Quilts! Read this post for Suzy's schedule and where to find Suzy Quilts products!

Hey, friends! Have you ever felt like even though you and I have only connected online, we actually are friends and if we just met in real life it would be magical and wonderful? Me too!! Well in a few short weeks that can happen. Suzy Quilts is going to QuiltCon 2024!

It's been a long time since I've traveled to QuiltCon and I'm so excited to finally get to go once again. My first QuiltCon was back in 2015 and A LOT has changed since then — both in the quilt world and for me personally.

Aside from a global pandemic, one reason I haven't gotten to go since 2018 is because I had my first child in February of 2019. So even though I now have two kids and will be about 35 weeks pregnant at QuiltCon, I'm still gonna be there! I know my life won't be getting any less wild and I LOVE this event. So if you see me, please stop and say hi and don't be afraid to give me a hug!

Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024: Colorful Planetarium quilt. #sewingdiy #quilting

Get this Planetarium quilt kit from the Crimson Tate booth at QuiltCon

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Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024: Star Crossed quilt made with Evolve fabrics by Suzy Quilts. #sewingdiy #quilting

What Is QuiltCon?

If you're new to quilting, you may be wondering what QuiltCon even is. QuiltCon is an annual event and quilt show presented by The Modern Quilt Guild. Each year, QuiltCon brings thousands of quilters together in a different city for a quilt show, fabulous shopping, lectures, and workshops from teachers and designers in the quilt world. 

In 2024 QuiltCon will be February 22-25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. With how big the crowds are, it can be hard to find people, so I'm going to make it as easy as possible for you to find me! I'll be doing meet & greets with eight different vendors where I would love to connect with you to chat about quilting and take pictures!

Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024: Pastel Holiday Party quilt. #sewingdiy #quilting

Get this Holiday Party quilt kit made with Evolve fabrics by Suzy Quilts at the Crimson Tate booth.

Suzy Quilts Meet & Greet Schedule

I'll be at QuiltCon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Feb. 22-24). Each day, I'll be making appearances at vendor booths run by our friends and collaborators. Come say hi! Here's where you can find me: 

Thursday, February 22

  • 3:00: Aurifil meet & greet and thread collection signing 
  • 5:00: Aurifil thread collection and fabric giveaway

Friday, February 23

Saturday, February 24

Suzy Quilts Aurifil Thread

NEW Suzy Quilts Releases

We'll share much more about our exciting new releases in the coming weeks, but here's a little sneak peek! 

My collaboration with Aurifil launches at QuiltCon! The collection is called Evolve (just like my latest fabric line!) and features Aurifil's first EVER 100% cotton 8wt thread in 20 brilliant hues. This luxury Italian-made thread is a dream to sew with and beautifully coordinates with my three fabric collections.

Suzy Quilts Thread

Buy the new Evolve 8wt thread collection by Suzy Quilts at the Aurifil booth!

QuiltCon also marks the launch of our collaboration with PreQuilt, an app that allows you to digitally recolor patterns. The entire Suzy Quilts pattern collection will be in PreQuilt soon, and we can walk you through how to use it in person! 

Vendors Carrying Suzy Quilts Products

A big part of QuiltCon is shopping! And Suzy Quilts products can be found at several QuiltCon booths. Get your shopping list ready!

  • Aurifil: Suzy Quilts Evolve 8wt thread collections
  • Bessie Pearl Binding Co.: Three different pre-made bias binding sets using Evolve fabric by Suzy Quilts
  • Crimson Tate: Planetarium and Holiday Party quilt kits
  • DuckaDilly: Shine and Adventureland quilt kits with Liberty of London fabrics
  • Modern American Vintage: Butterfly Garden thread stands
  • PreQuilt: Subscribe to get customizable coloring sheets for Suzy Quilts products
Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024: Wooden thread stand inspired by the Butterfly Garden quilt pattern. #sewingdiy #quilting

Buy a Butterfly Garden inspired handmade thread stand at the Modern American Vintage booth.

Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024: Shine quilt made with Liberty of London fabrics. #sewingdiy #quilting

Get this Shine quilt kit at the DuckaDilly booth.

Will I see you at QuiltCon?

Now, here's the most important thing — I want to say hi to you! Will you be at QuiltCon? Be sure to stop me in the show or come to a meet & greet. You'll get a sticker and we can snap a pic!

If you can't make it to QuiltCon, I will do my best to post lots of videos and photos of the show so you can still get the experience and see some of the fabulous quilts. 

14 thoughts on “Suzy Quilts at QuiltCon 2024

  1. Jan says:

    So glad you are going to QuiltCon and sharing your schedule. Looks like you are going to be busy! Congratulations on your fabric line and Aurifil thread collection.

  2. Jane Bitz @janequiltsslowly says:

    My first Quiltcon was 2018 in Pasadena and we met briefly. You were photographing mini quilts. No photo. I was too shy to ask 🙄 I would love to meet again. And I will ask for a selfie. I am so excited to see the new Aurifil 8 weight pearl cotton collection. I have a little handmade swap I’m giving away and will save one for you.

  3. Cheryl Koranda says:

    Awesome – would love to meet you at QuiltCon! If you need a spot to sit, stop by the Longarm League booth – we’ll have couches!! ☺️

  4. Paula says:

    Your events are on my schedule and my shirt arrived today! I just realized that might sound scary and stalker-y 🫣. But I’m really just excited to meet you in person. 😀

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