Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA


Most of us can easily fall into simple categories without much thought. For example, there's "people who like peanut butter," and then there's "peanut butter people." (I'm a peanut butter person.) There's people who wear tank tops," and then there's "tank top people." Oh you know who you are.

There's "people who like museums," and then there's "museum people." (Basically every Maggie Smith gif applies.) As a totally unbiased bystander, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you don't have to be a "museum person" to love quilt shows. In fact, quilt shows are amazing and for everyone and you would have to be nuts not to love them. When it comes to quilt shows, there's only "quilt show people."

Above Quilt: Echoed Arrows, Silvia Sutters, QuiltCon 2017

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

Kilim Quilt, Sarah Schraw, QuiltCon 2017

Don't believe me?? Let me prove it. I have compiled a list of the best quilt shows all across the United States. Take a look at some of these stunning pictures and try to tell me that you're not a quilt show person.

This annual modern quilt show falls at the end of February and switches location from the West side to the East side of the USA. In 2017 the festival was in sunny Savannah, GA and in 2018 it will be located in Pasadena, CA.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

Now, you’ve heard of ComicCon… but it’s not even close to as exciting as QuiltCon. QuiltCon, which is presented by The Modern Quilt Guild, is the largest modern quilt show of its kind. And what kind is that, exactly? A show of hundreds of modern quilts from around the world, attended by thousands of people.

Sounds like a party, right? And if acres of gorgeous quilts on display aren't enough to entice you, there are also workshops, lectures, and amazing vendors so you can sew and shop your heart out.

I've attended QuiltCon twice now and have showcased three quilts each time. Here's a pic of me cheesin' with my third place winner, Mod Mountains, from 2016. It's not a pattern you can purchase!

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts
Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

My Modern Fans quilt was displayed in both the exhibit and as a pattern in QuiltCon Magazine 2016.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

Before moving on, here's a shot of my Gingham Spring quilt hanging in the Savannah show in 2017. This quilt design is also a pattern now, renamed Perennial.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

Now, you may have heard that people often dress up in elaborate costumes for ComicCon… so I want to know what quilty costume you would wear to QuiltCon. Or maybe we need to just combine these two worlds and create a "Con" for quilting superhero? Yes. Someone get on that.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

The World Quilt show in New England is home to the coolest and craziest quilting challenges out there, like their famous Wearable Art category, and the Quilters Treasure Challenge (this year’s theme was “Going Green.”) You may have missed this year’s show in Manchester, New Hampshire, but the winners can be viewed on Quiltfest’s website, if you want to get a little taste of what you missed.

There’s nothing quite like viewing amazing quilts in the company of amazing quilters in an area of the country so rich with quilting history. And a Wearable category? I have to see that.

If you live far away and can't get to New Hampshire, no sweat! These World Quilt Festivals happen all over the USA from Orlando, FL to Santa Clara, CA.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

My Version of a Persian, Christine Wickert, Best in Show Quiltfest 2015 New Jersey. Photo by Barbara Schaffer.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon is known affectionately by its quilt-obsessed fans as SOQS… but don’t pronounce it “socks” because that’s super confusing. If you're on Instagram, Facebook or are a browser of quilt message boards, you’re already familiar with this diverse quilt show. It’s not a huge city, but Sisters becomes a bustling metropolis during the exhibit with over 10,000 visitors from over 25 countries.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience for traditional and modern sewers, first-time quilters, younger quilters, artists, crafters, locals, non-locals, you name it! This show is truly for everyone in every sense. One more factoid to convince you – SOQS is internationally recognized as the world’s largest outdoor show with more than 1300 quilts on display. 

So get your sunblock, grab a hat, and go! Oh, and don’t forget to wear socks. Especially if they’re quilted. In fact, enter those in the Wearable category in New England next year.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

The entire town of Paducah, Kentucky is completely transformed during its annual QuiltWeek, welcoming 30,000 visitors that hail from all over the globe – from Paris to… Paducah! With 400 booths, workshops, and lectures, Paducah is one of the most loved quilting conventions in the country.

According to Paducah Superfans, this show really embodies the “spirit” of quilting, and everyone in the town, whether they’re serving cocktails or fighting fires, loves to get in on the action. Hopefully there’s no quilt fires… but I’d take a quilt cocktail.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

Top Quilt: Indian Whimsy, Deborah Kemball, Coats & Clark Best Workmanship Award
Quilt: Majestic Mosaic, Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin, Janome America, INC. Best of Show

After a few of you mentioned this quilt festival in the comments, and after receiving a handful of emails, I decided it was time I add this quilt show to the list. I've actually been to the Quilt Festival in Houston a couple times, and displayed two quilts in the 2016 Modern Quilt Exhibit. But there is a reason I left it out...

I forgot. Pure and simple!

And the fact that I forgot should show you how scatterbrained I have been lately because this festival is basically going on as I am writing this blog post. Quilt Festival Houston was actually one of the main reasons I scheduled this blog post to be published in late October. Please forgive me, wonderful readers! My forgetfulness is in no way a reflection of this breathtaking quilt show.

I'm about to embarrass myself even more because of this one fact I'm going to share. ...I almost don't want to share it because then you are going to roll your eyes and mumble, "How did you forget about Houston?"

Let's just rip it off like a band-aid – the international Quilt Festival in Houston is the largest annual quilt show, sale, and quiltmaking academy in the world, attracting more than 60,000 people! So go if you can, and let's just forget that I ever forgot to mention it. Deal?

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of all of the amazing quilt shows out there! Do you have a local show you love? Inside scoop on shows you’ve attended! Let us in on the info in the comments below!

Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA | Suzy Quilts

38 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA

  1. Betty Moll says:

    How could you leave out the Houston Quilt Show? It’s probably the biggest Quilt show in the country and always has fantastic quilts.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      It’s actually the largest annual quilt show in the entire world! Would you believe me if I said that I forgot? I’m totally embarrassed that I did, but I’ve added it to the list now. Let’s just pretend like it was always there from the beginning. 😉

      • Cynthia says:

        Interesting….I thought the Tokyo Done show was the world’s biggest with attendance upwards of a quarter million. Please fact check me!

  2. Kathy says:

    Great blog post! I went to QuiltCon this year (in Savannah) and it was fantastic! Best. Time. Ever! I loved every minute of it! Stunning quilts and wonderful classes/lectures. I’ve always wanted to go to Paducah, maybe someday. Right now, I’m saving up for QuiltCon 2019, in Nashville…can hardly wait…I’m already practicing my twangy accent and breakin’ in my two-step dancin’ boots!

  3. Rosemary says:

    I went to Pacific International Quilt Festival a few weeks ago in Santa Clara. The quilts/quilt clothes were half of the show. There were so many great quilts. While they do offer classes, my sisters and I have never taken one. We enjoy all the vendors as you can find things there that you cannot find locally.

  4. Liz W. says:

    My favorite “local” show is International Quilt Festival in Rosemont. Granted, the Houston version of the show is much larger, but the Rosemont show is home to me.

  5. Nancy Hutchison says:

    Quilt show in Houston is not to be missed. The open area for display allows visitors to actually enjoy the quilts. Sadly, it is also the most expensive show I ever travel to, but very enjoyable.

  6. Ashley Stelzer says:

    Thank you for your list! I am having to miss the Houston show this year and am actively trying to convince my husband I need to make the Chicago show in the spring. Would you suggest making one of these others instead? I look forward to looking into these other shows now that I know about them.

  7. Michelle says:

    I was very excited to go to Quiltcon in Savannah this year! And now I’m saving to go to Quiltcon 2019 in Nashville! I think the best thing to wear to a quilt show is a handmade dress – which is what I’ll be wearing to the Modern Quilt Show Australia, which is happening in Sydney at the beginning of November!

  8. Cocopatch says:

    I went in Paducah in 2015! It was awesome! French quilt show are so small ! In french, we say “we don’t play in the same playground!” I hope I could go to Quiltcon some day!

  9. Shannon says:

    Ooooh – I’m totally a peanut butter person 😉 I haven’t been to ANY quilt shows yet…hmm…that’s a problem! Thanks for the reminder that I really need to get to Quiltcon sooner rather than later! xoxo

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Let me tell you, my first quilt show experience was very overwhelming. For my entire quilty life I had felt like a closeted anomaly. But when I saw hundreds of quilts on display, I realized, “OMG! MY PEOPLE!”

  10. Frank Figueredo says:

    I used to throw pottery. I went to the Houston International Quilt Show and it totally blew me away. Soooo many quilts!
    That quilt show inspired me to switch from pottery to quilts (do not have the room to do both.) I became a novice quilter that year and a fabric addict!

  11. Laura Simmons says:

    I am interested in hosting a local quilt show, although i am not a quilter, i just love to look at them in awe. Do y’all have any suggestions? I am in a suburb county north of Dallas, Tx. I have an outdoor and indoor venue and a date of April 28, 2018.

  12. Tina says:

    Hi. I have over 30 of my mother’s new handmade quilts which I would like to display and sell. She passed a few years ago. This is so emotional for me. If she was sitting down there was a quilt project in her hands. Do you have an idea of how to get started?
    Love your site!

  13. Louise says:

    The Paducah spring quilt week has up to 70,000 quilters and the newer Fall quilt week has 30,000. And the town is only 20,000+ people. I can’t even imagine what that is like.

  14. Celeste says:

    Don’t forget the international quilt show in Santa Clara calif in October
    And The “quilt and textile museum” south 1st street in San Jose calif
    Intend to go to the Houston international quilt show I hear it’s wonderful

  15. Stephen pignone says:

    I love home made things I always wanted a home made quilt with bright colors all done by hand where can I get one and where are these shows I live in Massachusetts I would love to own one.

  16. Pam says:

    I have been to some local quilt shows, but never an international show. It’s on my bucket list. Every year I try and sign up for workshops at something big like Quiltcon but they sell out immediately and there’s no chance for little ol’ me. I’m not a member of a guild so even a hotel for 4 nights is crazy expensive anywhere near convention centers. If attending a show was more affordable, I’d try and hit them all 🙂

  17. Beth Chris says:

    Great article!! If any of your readers are in southwest Florida the first weekend in March…”Quilting by the Gulf – a festival of quilts” is being held in Venice. One of the premier shows in the area, it is a bi-ennial event which in 2020 will showcase nearly 150 judged quilts and hundreds more in sizes ranging from mini to King. Hours are 9 am – 5 pm on Friday, March 6, and 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday, March 7 in the bright, easily accessible Venice Community Center, 326 Nokomis Av., South with plenty of free parking and men admitted free. (General admission is $8.00.

  18. Rhoda says:

    I am a retailer and love quilts
    Which quilt show can I consign quilts to actually sell
    I’ve been thinking of doing my own show!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Many quilt shows are for displaying quilts only. If you would like to sell quilts, I suggest looking locally for art fairs and craft shows where you can rent space and set up a booth.

  19. Sandra Maria de FAria says:

    Hi, I am in Brazil. I´d love to come to Paducah in 2024. But, I am travelling alone. Any tips on how to find a traveller mate to Paducah. I plan to depart from Orlando.

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