Put A Quilt On It: Modern Barn Blocks


A couple weeks ago we journeyed through rural America on a tour of beautiful barn quilts. We discovered their surprisingly recent inception inspired by historical quilt blocks. Read more in this blog post.


Sewing Thread Part I: How Is Thread Made?


How is thread made? From magical worms, rows of cotton plants, or crude oil? Possibly all of the above! Did I just confuse the heck out of you? I promise to bring clarity, so stay with me. In this two-part thread series I will explain first how thread is made (so you know which to buy) and then in Part Two - which brands are the best quality and when to use what kind of thread.


The 5 Best Cutting Mats for Quilters


You know what doesn’t get enough credit? The non-tippable wine glass. Seriously, what an amazing invention. Definitely a must-have for your crafting surface of choice.

You know what else doesn’t get enough credit? Cutting mats! Cutting mats are even more essential to your crafting surfaces than non-tippable wine glasses (I can’t believe I said it, but I did.) If you use a rotary cutter, you probably use a cutting mat All.


Hexie Stripe Quilt Pattern


​The Hexie Stripe quilt pattern is now available! Shop suzyquilts.com/shop.

​Hello my lovelies and welcome to the Hexie Stripe show! I have lots to tell you about this pattern so without further ado, let's jump on in!