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3 fun and fresh quilted pillow patterns for a modern look. Easy to follow patterns that are fat quarter friendly or use up scraps!

3 Fun & Fresh Quilted Pillow Patterns

I come to you today as a fun and fresh 32 year old, but in a matter of hours, I will be an old, wisened 33 year old. You see, tomorrow, December 20, is my birthday. And something I have discovered over my almost 33 years here on earth is that takes a lot of time.

24 Instagram accounts to inspire your personal color and style!

24 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Personal Style

Although this post can be skimmed for a fantastic list of Instagram accounts to inspire your creativity, at the heart of it I'm going to attack one question I get asked regularly, "How do you pick colors?"

I'm a textiles designer with a background in graphic design, so "picking colors" is something I've been doing for most of my life.

6 Ways to tackle your fear of wasting fabric. Have you ever been crippled by indecision because you're afraid to mess things up and waste fabric? These techniques will help.

6 Ways to Tackle Your Fear of Wasting Fabric

Before talking about my freshly grown fear of wasting fabric, I want to give you some backstory. As some of you already know, I'm currently pregnant with my first baby. In the years leading up to this life change, I had naively assumed that I would take after the women in my family and be a champion of all things prenatal!