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4 Creative Ways to Label a Quilt

In the words of the 21st century philosopher Beyoncé, “If you liked it then you should have put a label on it.” What?… she didn’t say that? Well, I'm pretty sure it was something close to that.

We all know that quilting takes some WORK, and whether you’re giving that finished masterpiece to your niece, selling it on Etsy, or even just keeping the dang quilt cause you made it and you deserve it...


Appliqué All Day! Needle-Turn Appliqué Tutorial

Like so many things in the sewing world, needle-turn appliqué is one of those techniques that seems completely intimidating…until you try it. I’ve been there!

It’s like when you walk into a party and see that hip and interesting person in the middle of the room drinking a cocktail you've never heard of and looking smart.