Quilters Candy Box


Have you heard of Quilters Candy Box? I hadn't until just recently. Let me break it down – basically, it's two super sweet ladies who never forget your birthday and ALWAYS send you exactly what you want. Also, your birthday is every month. It's total party mail!

I just opened my candy box this morning and this is what I got...​

  • A HUGE lemon cookie. They say it’s fresh baked, but I’m much more impressed with the size.
  • My new favorite coffee mug which says, “Quilting Makes Me SEW Happy.” I’m already weird and possessive about it.
  • Embroidery hoop kit from dandelyne. This company is new to me, as is embroidery, but the website is muy cute. I’m going to have to circle back and check it out more.
  • Thread wax from Thimble & Spool in the shape of a HEART. Also bees made it. Sooooo ADORABLE.
  • Moda charm pack – Serenity by Amy Ellis. 
  • And a quilt pattern by Bonnie Cottonway.

Scraps and I were on the edge of our seats as we ripped this party box to shreds!


Actually it looks like I'm checking my texts...but I'm sure right after that I MUTILATED that candy box!


What better way to start the day than with a braid in my hair, a cookie for breakfast, the greatest mug in the world and the false sense of joy that I'm super special and it's probably my birthday? Ahhhh. Happy Tuesday! 

5 thoughts on “Quilters Candy Box

    • Suzy says:

      Well I’ve usually had too much sugar, too much coffee or too much alcohol. I think that makes me a bona fide nut 😉 haha! Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

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