The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilters in the USA and Canada

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Finding a longarm quilter isn’t easy. Heck, finding a good babysitter isn’t easy, and they don’t even have to know how to bury threads! But here’s what longarm quilters and babysitters both have in common: they have to earn your trust, because you’re placing a prized treasure in their hands. That’s why I present to you the Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilters with the greatest attention and care – because you and your quilts deserve the best.

Before we get to the hall of fame, let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a longarm quilter. I interviewed longarm rockstar Jessie Zeigler, of Threaded Quilting Studio, and asked her everything from batting to timeline to cost.

Read An In-Depth Guide to Hiring a Longarm Quilter.

Basic things to think about when hiring a longarm quilter:

  • Location: Most longarm quilters take mail-in orders, but a good local drop-off can be awesome! If there are quilters in your area that take drop-offs, consider having a little meet and greet. You can get a better feel of their style, check out their sewing space and even bring them treats for a job well done!
  • Quilting Style: Get a feel for their aesthetic. Some longarm quilters sew exclusively edge-to-edge, while others specialize in custom design. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can get a better feel for who you’re looking for.
  • Time Frame: You may be flexible and patient with most of your quilting projects, but there may come a time when you need something done FAST! Some longarm quilters have a reputation for lightning turn-around times.
  • Cost: This will vary based on location, skill, quilt volume, materials, personality type, etc... Cheaper doesn't always mean worse, just as more expensive doesn't always mean better. Shop around and find what works for you and your budget.

If you have a favorite longarm quilter that is missing from this list, please leave a comment with their information and why you love them – even if you're the quilter and you love yourself 🙂

* indicates longarm quilters I have used personally and really like

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders | Suzy Quilts -

A Guide to Longarm Quilters in the USA

Contact: Contact page via website
Location: Linden, VA

Contact: Megan Pitz | [email protected]
Location: Decorah, IA

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Crinklelove Machine Quilting*

Contact: Sarah Wilson | [email protected]
Location: Springfield, MO

Crown Jules Quilting

Contact: Julia Catherine Luke | [email protected] | 385-887-1254
Location: West Valley City, UT

Dog Ear Creek Quilts, LLC

Contact: Marsha Swanson | [email protected] | 402-880-2293
Location: Omaha, NE 
Edge-to-edge quilting pictured below.

Elegant Machine Quilting

Contact: Kathy Noble | [email protected] | 413-593-6160
Location: Chicopee, MA

Happy Valley Quilting

Contact: Denise Hone | [email protected] | 814-429-9555
Location: Spring Mills, PA

J. Coterie Quilting

Contact: Jill Johnson | [email protected] | 208-309-1800
Location: Bellevue, ID
Edge-to-edge quilting pictured below.

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Knot And Thread Design*

Contact: Kaitlyn Howell | [email protected]
Location: Orem, Utah
Edge-to-edge quilting pictured below.

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Lady Belle Quilting

Contact: Brooke Becker | [email protected] | 615-686-5986
Location: Nashville, TN

Lavender Fields Company

Contact: Lisa Yates | [email protected] | 812-698-0458
Location: Washington, Indiana


Contact: Lora O'Guinn Parker | 918-630-3928
Location: Fayetteville, AR

Lovely Threads Quilts

Contact: Molly Kohler | [email protected]
Location: Bringham City, UT
Custom quilting pictured below.

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Mad B's Quilt and Sew

Contact: Madonna | [email protected]480-964-8914
Location: Mesa, AZ

Primrose Cottage Quilts

Contact: Nettie (mom) or Lindsey (daughter) | [email protected]
Location: St. George, UT

Quilting By David

Contact: David | [email protected]812-294-9789
Location: St. Joseph, MO

Quilting Concepts

Contact: Heather Tighe | [email protected]910-465-4910
Location: Hampstead, NC

Relish Quilting

Contact: Melissa Eubanks | website contact form
Location: Murphy, TX

Sage Quilting

Contact: Gwen Stott | [email protected] | 208-351-8830
Location: Salem, UT

Sandy Carreon Quilting

Contact: Sandy Carreon | [email protected]562-290-3242
Location: Long Beach, CA

See Mary Quilt*

Contact: Mary Gregory | [email protected] | 603-969-4557
Location: Lee, NH
Custom quilting pictured below.

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

Serial Quilter

Contact: Janis Workman | [email protected] | 541-905-1350
Location: Corvallis, OR

Sew Darn Cute Quilting

Contact: April Wells | [email protected]479-233-1835
Location: Decatur, AR

Sew Shabby Quilting*

Contact: Melissa Kelley | [email protected]801-472-3899
Location: American Fork, UT

Sewing Arts Center

Contact: Julie Harvey Marquez | [email protected] | 310-450-4300
Location: Santa Monica, CA

String & Story

Contact: HollyAnne Knight | [email protected]
Location: Duluth, GA

The Sewing Escape

Contact: Susan | [email protected]
Location: Garden Grove, CA

Threaded Quilting Studio*

Contact: Jessie Zeigler | [email protected]
Location: Ames, IA

Trace Creek Quilting*

Contact: Lilo | [email protected]314-374-5318
Location: St. Louis, MO

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

The above quilt is the Stars Hollow pattern quilted by See Mary Quilt.

A Guide to Longarm Quilters in Canada

Aie Rossman Quilting

Contact: Aie Rossmann | 403-200-8964
Location: Calgary, AB

Anderson’s Sewing Centre

Hourly Longarm Rental
Contact: [email protected] | 250-374-1154
Location: Kamloops, BC

Chinook Country Quilt Shop

Contact: Jill or Kevin | 403-652-3145
Location: High River, AB

Geeky Bobbin

Contact: Bobbie | [email protected]
Location: Toronto, ON

Kathleen Quilts

Contact: Kathleen Riggins | [email protected]
Location: AB

Ma Tante Quilting

Contact: Shelly Moore | [email protected]
Location: a tiny town, MB

No Rules Quilting

Contact: Mary Dylke | [email protected]
Location: Calgary, AB

Philippa G Quilts

Contact: Philippa Gelinas | [email protected] | 403-512-4538
Location: Calgary, AB

Ridge Machine Quilting

Contact: Ron and Andrea Rennick | [email protected]
Location: Keswick Ridge, NB

Rose City Quilter

Contact: Ardelle Kerr | 780-679-5469
Location: Camrose, AB

Spools The Workshop

Contact: Joanne | 780-913-3982
Location: Leduc, AB

Stitched Quilting Co.

Contact: Dara Tomasson | [email protected] | 403-304-0110
Location: Jingle Pot, Nanaimo BC

Taja Rooks

Contact: [email protected] | 306-421-0196
Location: Estevan, SK

Thread Painted Art

Contact: Bridget O'Flaherty | [email protected]
Location: Perth, ON

Quilt For You

Contact: Carol Lifford | [email protected] | 604-524-1008
Location: Coquitlam, BC

Quilting By Christine

Contact: Christine Atamanachuk | [email protected]
Location: Edmonton, AB

Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.
Your ultimate guide to longarm quilters in the USA and Canada. Find a quilter in your local area, or one that takes mail-in orders.

120 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilters in the USA and Canada

  1. Farm Fresh Stitches says:

    Great post! I would LOVE to be added to your list! I love my clients, and try to make each and every experience a special one, quilted with lots of love, and even a free gift!
    💗Farm Fresh Stitches

  2. Cathie Jones says:

    I love the work that Nicole Christofferson does from KwiltIt! I have used her several times for edge to edge quilting. Her website is and her email is [email protected]. She has multiple batting options and is lovely to work with.

  3. Karlee Sandell says:

    This is a fantastic post and all very true! I’m a longarm quilter in Portland, OR, my business name is @sewinspired2day. I have amazing customer’s and welcome all new business!

  4. Katherine says:

    I’ve used Palm Tree Longarm Quilting in Jacksonville, Fl since I moved last summer and have never been disappointed in their work 🙂

  5. Kim Fernald says:

    I’m a long arm quilter in Southern California, San Clemente to be exact! I take great pride in my workmanship and great customer service is of utmost importance to me.

    • Helen Prescott says:

      Hi Kim, I’m in Oceanside, CA, just down the road (if you’re still in San Clemente). Anyway, I found your name on a list from, but it’s from 2019.
      Please let me know if you’re still doing long-arm quilting and your regular pricing. I don’t want to go into much if you’re not! Thanks! Marie Prescott

  6. Ashley Perkins says:

    I’m a longarmer and would love to be included in your list. You can find me on Instagram @henhousequilting I’ve been longarming for about 7 years now, my mother-in-law started the Hen House about 20 years ago. I strive to be a reliable and affordable longarmer with a quick turnaround time.

      • Jody Boroughs says:

        Gina Tell with Thread Graffiti is AMAZING!! She does a ton of work for the Fat Quarter Shop and has been featured in their live streams before. I know she does work for people all over the US and Canada. You can not go wrong with someone recommended by Kimberly Jolly! 😁

        Gina Tell, Thread Graffiti,
        Lago Vista, TX
        [email protected]

  7. Allison C. Bayer says:

    Thank you for compiling these important lists Suzy!! I’ve had the pleasure of longarm quilting for the public since 1997! I’d like to be added. Allison C. Bayer | [email protected] Location: Plano, Texas 75025 972.943.8939 Edge-to-edge computerize quilting on an Innova

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Kimie,
      I will be moving to Sun City AZ soon, can you tell me where in Phoenix you are located?
      I will check your instagram page to see your work and the pictures you post.
      Thank You,

  8. Annette Wingo says:

    Hi Suzy, My name is Annette Wingo and I run my long arm business in Northern Virginia, just outside of Warrenton. I take a local drop offs and mailed in quilts. I can be reached at 703-304-9315. You can see my work on my website:
    Also follow me on Instagram @finishingtouchquilting
    And on Facebook: @AnnetteWingo LongarmQuilting
    In most cases, my turnaround time for edge to edge quilts is one week. Custom work takes a little bit longer. 😃
    My email address is [email protected]

  9. Kim Newsome says:

    I love this! I ended up using a longarm quilting service for the first time when I wanted to back a baby quilt with minky because I love the feel of minky and just despise sewing with it. Just out of curiosity, how often do you use a longarm quilter vs quilting on your own, and what usually drives that decision? If you use a longarm quilter, do you typically go back and do some of your signature hand quilting afterwards?

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      That’s a great question. I tend to prefer quilting my own quilts, mostly because I like to start and finish a project before starting another. (I know…very unusual in the quilting world. WIP piles make me nervous.) However, if it’s a large quilt, or a quilt that doesn’t have a deadline attached to its finish, I’ll send it to a longarmer. As I have gotten better at quilting my own quilts, I have used them less and less.

  10. Anne Monceaux says:

    Forever in Stitches, LLC-120 N. Main St. Bluffton , OH 45817. Phone:419-358-0656
    One of the best things about owners Rick and Ruth is their knowledge and love of sharing it. Their shop is a quilt design studio and award-winning longarm center. They are the Innova dealer for Ohio and also provide training on Innova longarm quilting machines.

  11. Karen Christensen says:

    I’m a longarm quilter in Ingleside, IL and would love to be included in your list. Computerized designs, edge to edge, free motion, custom and semi-custom work.

    KC Quilting
    [email protected]

  12. Andrea Donnan says:

    All American Quilt Co in NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE lets you use their machine. They loaded up my quilt (80×90”) the other day and I meandered around the quilt did only $20! Never gonna badge ever again ! Plus, the quilt was done by me start to finish.

  13. Beth says:

    Hey Suzy, can you define edge to edge for long arm quilting services? I’ve been looking at Longarmers recently, so this is really timely, but am getting confused by the definitions, as well as the pricing, from cost per square inch, plus thread and batting.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Edge-to-edge quilting is when the longarm quilter uses the same repeating pattern from one edge to the other. The other option of quilting is a custom design that takes into account the design of the quilt pattern. In a custom design the longarm quilter manually moves their machine, however usually during an edge-to-edge design, the longarm quilter’s machine is able to work without manual guidance. This also explains why edge-to-edge quilting would be cheaper than custom.

      • Leslie Randle says:

        Edge to edge means the design is edge to edge. There is no border design. Edge to edge can be hand-guided, hand-guided pantograph or computer driven. The cost is driven by the time it takes to complete one pass across the quilt. The more dense the quilting multiplied by the larger the quilt, the mire expensive the job.
        I do not have a computer, yet offer edge to edge free-hand or with Circle Lord’s boards.

  14. Judith A says:

    I use Latimer Lane Quilting. I have been very happy with Abby’s work. I also love that I can just send my top in and buy my batting (and wideback minky if I am doing a gift that needs that) directly from her. Her IG name is @alatimer 💜😊

  15. Alison says:

    Hi Suzy! Do you have a local longarm quilter that you recommend? I live in the Chicago suburbs so would love your suggestions. Thanks!

  16. Moira Perlmutter says:

    Hi Suzi

    Congrats on your new baby!

    My name is Moira Perlmutter and I am a longarm quilter from Vancouver BC Canada. I would love to be on

    Moira Perlmutter
    [email protected] (Work in progress: website being rebuilt since previous platform was no longer supported)

    Love your emails and wishing you all the best!

  17. Kathy says:

    The Quilted Chick, Susan, is in Dade City FL, just outside Tampa. As her facebook page says, “A long arm quilting service with an Artist’s touch!” She does beautiful work! It’s easiest to contact her on facebook as The Quilted Chick.

  18. Alice Hatter says:

    I’d like to add Donna Estes’ Longarm Quilt Center in Denham Springs, LA. Great work and offers classes and machine rental time.

  19. Amber says:

    I can’t believe I’ve only just recently found your blog (through a recommendation). I love your page and how bright and fresh your designs are. If I might hitch my wagon to this post…

    Arsenault Longarm Quilting
    [email protected]
    Souris, PE, Canada

    I provide edge to edge and custom quilting!

  20. Dara says:

    Thanks for including me on your list. I love the relationship I have with my clients as I offer them all sorts of options from edge to edge to custom!

  21. Barbara L Howard says:

    Barbara Howard
    Homestead Quilting
    2701 Highland Drive
    Alamogordo NM 88310
    I am a long arm quilter in Alamogordo NM.
    I do all sorts of quilting from making memory quilts to edge to edge to custom.
    I offer free return shipping when quilts are mailed in.

  22. Cynthia Rumbold says:

    You left our Bear’s Quilt Shop in Garden Grove, CA. Russ does the most amazing custom quilting, better than anything I’ve ever seen in all my years of attending quilt show.

  23. Audrey A. Flock says:

    Hello! I own & operate Audrey’s Quilt & Sew Emporium in Kernersville, NC, located in the Heart of the Triad (between Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem). I have been a longarm quilter for 19 years, and I do hand-guided edge-to-edge, freehand designs, custom quilting, and binding. I am also available for workshops or private lessons. Please contact me by phone at (336)996-6738 or by email: [email protected]. —Audrey A. Flock

  24. Januari Rhodes says:

    Hello, my name is Januari Rhodes, The Quilted Ginger, and I have been longarms g for over seven years in King George, Virginia.

    I can be reached on Facebook. I also work on Wednesday’s at Material Girls Quilt Boutique, LaPlata Maryland.

  25. Patty Sawyer says:

    I am an experienced quilt judge and award winning quilter with 14 years of training and experience as a computerized longarmer as well. I can longarm your quilt with an all over design and very fast turnaround or, you can do it yourself. I offer a valet service as well, which means I will have your quilt all loaded, squared and basted, ready-to-go when you arrive to quilt it yourself. I own and operate Sew-clusion Retreats and Border 2 Border Quilting where you can come make a quilt on retreat and go home with it all finished! I also provide trimming and finishing services such as bindings and carry a wide array of batting and thread choices.
    [email protected]
    694 Hancock Pond Road
    Sebago, Maine

  26. Tara Thom says:

    This is a great article! I often think of the quilts in my care as precious heirlooms, and totally get your babysitter analogy!
    I’d love to be included in this list if possible. I’ve been quilting professionally since 2001, and specialize in allover and custom quilting. I wouldn’t describe my turnaround time as ‘quick’, but I take excellent care of the quilts, and strive to fulfill the vision of the quiltmaker. You can check out some of my work at .

  27. TerriJo says:

    North Star Quilt Co.
    Calgary Alberta

    I love quilting and invite customers in my area to come check out my in home studio!

  28. Jenae Redmond says:

    A full service longarm service, with custom edge to edge and border to border designs along with custom work to personalize customers quilts. Being a perfectionist, quilting is done on a computerized Innova Mach3. I can design my own quilting designs. Have many customers from across the country.
    .Just a Quilting Geek = formally The Quilting Bistro
    Jenae Redmond
    [email protected] or Facebook – Just a Quilting Geek
    Colorado Springs, CO

  29. Michelle Gentry says:

    Quilter Michelle
    Carthage, Tennessee (one hour outside of Nashville)
    I offer edge to edge and custom quilting.
    On Instagram at quilter_michelle
    On Facebook at

  30. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that the cost for this service will vary depending on the location the volume of quilt needed. My sister should know about this since she plans to get some done for her twins now that they are almost toddlers. This will prepare her financially since I know that they have lots of loans to pay these days.

  31. Lauren Speer says:

    AAAACK!!!!! Suzy is such a great resource, and can you say FUNNY!! Modern quilting is my addiction! My home quilting studio is in the heart of South MINNEAPOLIS, MN. I love to collaborate with quilters, Makers are my people. If making yet another decision on your own to finish your quilt is just too much to bear, I’d be thrilled to work with you to finish your quilt. AND 15% Off your first quilt!

    Computerized designs, edge-to-edge, or custom (placing specific digital designs on various areas of a quilt) Binding, piecing backs, and basting services too.
    IG and FB @tekstilcrave

  32. Ellen Ault says:

    Hi Suzy! Impressive list, I follow many of them for inspiration.

    I would love to add my work: Handmade3D

    My longarm quilting + your quilt top = quilt magic.

    I specialize in free motion custom longarm quilting
    located in Tampa Florida, accepting quilts in person and by mail
    @Handmade3D on insta or find online at

  33. Jennifer Digiovanni says:

    What a wonderful resource!

    Keystone Sisters Quilting – Kate Pingel & Jennifer Digiovanni
    Madison, WI
    Edge to Edge quilting on Gammill Statler Stitcher
    Length + Width= all inclusive price (quilting, batting, thread, 1/4 trim)

  34. Barbara L Torres says:

    Choice Quilting in Valley Bend, WV provides computerized longarm services to north central WV and nationwide by mail. Beautiful E2E designs from nationally recognized designers on a HandiQuilter Forte with a 12 foot frame. Quick turn around, usually less than 6 days. Call us! 304-704-6091 See discounts and ways to save $$ on our website

  35. Cathy Cox says:

    College Station, Texas
    Home of the Fightin’ Aggies!
    Cathy Cox
    Cox Family Farm

    I have a small farm and quilt for the public on my Bernina Longarm! I do Edge to Edge, Custom, and Edge to Edge with Borders. I am an educator at Sew Vac City in College Station.
    I have several pics most are on Facebook under Cathy Pesson Cox. My turn around is 2 to 3 weeks! Love quilting, love sewing, and love watching all the beautiful quilts come through my 2 Car Studio. Please include me in your list.

  36. Lynn Mulaskey says:

    Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for the opportunity to add my name to your list of long arm quilters. I do E2E quilting in Redmond, Oregon . I have a Facebook page called Rimrock Quilting. I have a home studio that is detached from our house. I have wonderful customers and long arm quilting is my passion.

  37. Darcy says:

    Please add Quilt ‘n’ Things Fiber Arts to your Longarm List! Lana & Paul (a lovely husband and wife team) have an APQS Millie ~ a huge computerized longarm machine. There are so many stitch designs to choose from, and they work with you to choose the best design for your quilt. They also sell batting and fabric (both conventional and ORGANIC)! If you like organic, they also have organic thread as a choice for your quilt!

    Quilt ‘n’ Things Fiber Arts
    3704 1/2 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta, CA 91214
    (818) 957-2287

  38. Tammie Earnest says:
    West central Indiana
    Specializing in edge to edge digital pantagraphs.
    Free local pick up and delivery. Mail in orders also welcome.
    EVERY quilt deserves a great finish!

  39. Suzanne says:

    I would love to find a longarm quilter located in New York. I’m looking for custom quilting. I have someone for edge to edge. New Jersey and CT would work also

  40. Melissa Hoefker Moore says:

    Honey Bunny Quilting
    My mom and I are long arm quilters in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. We offer digital pantograph edge to edge quilting as well as custom quilting on a Bernina Q20.
    Insta @honeybunnyquilting
    [email protected]
    Melissa Moore and Pam Hoefker
    (859) 912-2599 or (859) 445-2335
    Happy Quilting ❤️

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