FREE DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom


Someone told me once that there are 4 new babies born into this world every second. I didn’t believe them. But then I hit my late 20’s and logged into Facebook to check my newsfeed and I was like “OMG THERE ARE 4 NEW BABIES BORN INTO THIS WORLD EVERY SECOND.”

You may have seen recently on my Instagram Stories that I do not know how to respond like a normal human being when babies are born. I kind of lose my mind (See below if you don’t believe me.) 

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

But guess what? I hear that a lot of new moms… who actually have to take care of those babies and sustain them into adulthood… I hear they kind of lose their minds, too. I've been told that having a brand new baby is actually kind of a lot of work.

So, it's obvious that those moms deserve some good presents. And what's the best present? One you made yourself, of course! So I present to you...

10 DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom!!

I’ve collected a list of the best, do-it-yourself sewing gifts for a new mom and their precious bundles of overwhelming tear-jerking joy. Sigh. I’m probably going to cry just writing this blog post.

Sewing Gifts for a New Mom: Cuddly Quilts + Blankets

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

This free DIY pattern by yours truly is a short, sweet, 30-minute project you can whip up for a baby shower, trip to the hospital or even just a quick drop-in to check up on the new mom in your life. It looks and feels like you put a whole lot more time into it… even though you didn’t, really. But make sure it’s chock full of love to make up for it.


10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

2. Pure + Simple Quilted Blanket

I love Purl Soho’s minimalist style, and this pattern uses Quilted Double Gauze, which is so soft and cuddly you’re going to want to keep it for yourself. But don’t. Because it’s too small for you. Quilt it, bind it, and give it away to your favorite minimalist mom. (Momimalist? Nope. Too hard to say.)

Free Summer Haze Baby Quilt Pattern

3. ​Summer Haze Baby Quilt

Here’s another free pattern from my stash! What can I say. I’m into quilting. You know that by now. This is a great gift for babes born at the end of the summer…or the beginning of autumn…or winter...or whenever. Babies get cold all the time, right?

This quilt is made of simple squares, rectangles and half square triangles – giving it a complex look but still very doable for a beginner sewer. The new mom in your life will be incredibly impressed and appreciative to have such a beautiful and thoughtful homemade baby gift.

If quilting is still a bit intimidating, check out the Quilting 101 tab for all the steps you need to know on how to make a quilt!


Sewing Gifts for a New Mom: Cool Kid Clothes

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

4. Baby Hat

Did you forget you had a baby shower this weekend and need an easy-peasy pattern for a cute little hat? This free pattern has sizes from Preemie-12 Months, and it will give you the cutest afternoon of sewing you’ve ever had.

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

5. Baby Sunbonnet

Bonnets are totally back, baby. Step aside, Laura Ingalls Wilder, we’re taking your style all the way to the 2010’s. This baby sunbonnet, also from Purl Soho, is the cutest addition to every single outfit. Plus, it keeps that baby's lil peepers shaded and out of the sun!

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

6. Felt Flower Mobile

This gorgeous mobile is seriously a work of art. I’m not even a baby, and I would lay on my back and stare at that thing for hours. Perfect for a flowery or outdoorsy themed nursery, or basically anyone who likes pretty things (which is everyone, duh.)

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

OK, I think I nee to binge make these rattles. You get a rattle and YOU get a rattle and YOU GET A RATTLE! Rattles for everyone! Well, at least Scrappy is getting one. Choose between a bunny, cat, or mouse and for a safe, soft, rockin’ rattle for the newest human in your life.


  • Adorable fabric
  • Embroidery needle and thread (my favorite thread for these kinds of projects is DMC Pearl Cotton #8 - I'm linking to the cheapest price and largest variety I've found online. For some reason there is a huge range in price.)
  • Poly-fil
  • A small bell or rattle insert
  • Basic sewing supplies (see above for that list)
10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

8. Hooded Baby Towel & Washcloth Set

I’ve heard that being a responsible parent means hosing them down in the tub once in a while. This hooded towel and wash cloth pattern can make this process cuter and cuddlier and softer and warmer and drier… and easier? Is it hard? Someone fill me in. 

Sewing Gifts for a New Mom: On the Go!

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

9. Stretchy Car Seat Cover

This is a project I can really get behind because all you need is 1 yard of your favorite knit fabric (here's a link to the blush fabric shown), sew a seam and Presto a la Festo! Wambitty BAM! Ka-powie! Violaaa and Ta-daaa! (I could keep going...)

These stretchy car seat covers are so quick and easy you could show up at your next baby shower with one for every day of the week! (obvi people will think you're totally crazy, but heeey! There are worse things than over crafting for the new cuddle bug in your life.)

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

10. Bunny Lovey

Throw this little lovey into that car seat, cover it with a stretchy thingie and you're ready to go! And you know what I'm loving most about this lovey? It's sweet face is painted on! You could choose to embroider it or, as the tutorial proposes, grab a paint brush and dab away!

If you have a new mom in your life, give her some love, maybe a great homemade meal, and something cuddly and cute to make those first few months of life extra special. Sewing gifts for a new mom is the perfect way to show her your love.

Do you have a favorite pattern, tutorial, fabric, baby name, Etsy shop, anything? I love hearing from you and getting inspired by you, so leave a comment below! Now, I desperately need to go find a baby to cuddle...

10 Free DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom | Suzy Quilts

21 thoughts on “FREE DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom

  1. Donna says:

    As a new mum I’d love all of these as gifts! Especially your Indian summer quilt! I made one of the rattles for my wee girl but time is limited to make anything more! So lovely of you to put this together! xx

  2. April says:

    That mobile!!! I want to do that to my whole ceiling in my sewing shed (when it finally gets built)! Probably would be too much work, but it’s gorgeous!

  3. Judy says:

    These are all so cute!! You know how to make a lot of mamas happy! That mobile! The little rattles and the bunny lovee!! The stretchy car seat covers are so popular!! To be able to chose your own fabric and save money is awesome!!

  4. G says:

    Covered prams/strollers/car seats get really hot really quickly, even in the shade (I’ve learned from personal experience, even on a pleasant day in the shade with a muslin draped over the pram bassinet it got really warm under there). I personally wouldn’t recommend that people use them, they look cute but it’s an accident waiting to happen 🙁

    • Anna says:

      Hi, G! Eavesdropping over here… I got a carseat cover like this for my July-born baby, and it was a lifesaver! Because you can use a light fabric and *construct it with a hole at the top where the handle is*, it provides shade and air flow making it actually cooler in there for your little bug! I couldn’t live without it on those warm days! (And you can peek at them through the opening in the top!)

  5. Katherine Warner says:

    I tried to find the pattern for the newborn baby hat for boys but could not access it. This is for my first great-grandson.

  6. Becca says:

    I know this post is old but do you know where the airplane fabric on the minky blanket is from? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    • Laura Hopper says:

      Hi Mary Alice! That pattern was re-written and re-named last year (it’s now Summer Haze and there’s a bigger pattern with more sizes available in our shop) and we noticed just last week that the new name wasn’t reflected in the blog post for the free baby-sized pattern. It’s down temporarily while we fix that, so check back this time next week and search for Summer Haze!

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m having the same problem- can’t download links from my iPhone for patterns such as sunbonnet. It is a pattern I should be able to download but no link

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