I had a baby!

Suzy Quilts had a baby!

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I just had a baby! Sleep is a thing of the past so it’s almost impossible for me to finish a thought before trailing off onto the next one. Plus I'm typing this while holding a sleeping baby. Isn't holding a sleeping baby the most luxurious thing in the world??

What was I saying? Oh yeah. I'm a mom!

Things have been quiet here at SQ since the new addition of Baby Quilts on February 1, 2019. After a routine ultrasound to see if my breech boy had flipped, it was discovered that my amniotic fluid levels were low. (Eeep! What does that even mean??)

I was immediately admitted to the hospital and given IV fluids. (You can watch my Instagram stories documenting this crazy time.)

overnight at the hospital

After a restless night in the maternity ward, a nurse strolled into our room at 9:15 the next morning with a rolling cart full of scary looking syringes, fluid bags and monitors. “An O.R. has been booked for 9:30 am. You’re having a C-section, Ms. Williams.”

Trending patterns!

Say whaaaaat?? My due date isn’t until February 19th! I’m not ready!!

The nurse hooked me up to more beepy things and drip bags and left the room. A second later my husband, John, looked at me with true fear in his eyes and said, “We are never having another child.”

There’s a bizarre phenomenon that happens in a relationship – when one person freaks out, the other is able to get strangely calm. In that moment, knowing that I was about to get a massive shot in my back followed by abdominal surgery followed by becoming a parent for the very first time, I had every reason to panic, but seeing John’s fear flipped the switch in my brain that said, “Not your turn. John’s freaking out right now which means you get to freak out later.”

And that’s exactly what happened. A genuine peace came over me. I took his hand in mine and said, “I’m not scared. Everything will be fine. We’re going to be great parents.”

Five weeks later I’m not fully confident in that last statement, but I can happily report that everything went swimmingly and an hour after being told I was having a C-section I was holding a beautiful baby boy. My perfect Desmond Parker.

First time seeing my baby
Holding Desi for the first time
John holding Desi for the first time

After entering the world two and a half weeks early, Desi spent a few days in the NICU getting extra oxygen until his lungs became strong enough to work on their own. John and I greatly appreciated the time we got with the special care nurses and how gracious they were in showing us everything from breastfeeding to bathing.

Visiting Desi in the NICU
Baby Desi and daddy

Suzy Quilts + Baby Quilts

Where does SQ go from here? At the moment I am soaking up every smell, yawn and sweet little noise. Desi, Scrap and I spend most of our time cuddling in bed pretending like the outside world does't exist. We've gotten very good at it too.

Baby quilts and puppies
Scrappy and Desi Quilts

Below and above is the Triangle Jitters quilt pattern.

Triangle Jitters Baby quilt

In a couple weeks John and I will start phasing in our nanny and I'm going to be back to work part-time on April 1. It will be a transition, so blog posts may be a bit sporadic for a while, but I know that somehow this tiny human will add to my creativity in new exciting ways! (Not now, obviously. Now I'm just desperately trying to get 5 hours of sleep a night so I can keep my eyes open long enough to swaddle Desi and cram some breakfast in my mouth.)

Girl Scout cookies
Baby Desmond
Desi on his baby Modern Fans quilt

Above is the Campfire and Modern Fans quilt patterns.

new mom
newborn pic

What's Next: The Mod Mountains Quilt Pattern Release & Sew-Along

April 4, 2019: Mod Mountains quilt pattern release

I may have just gotten a lot busier, but when I decide to jump back into the quilting world, I'm jumping in with a BANG! On Thursday, April 4 the Mod Mountains quilt pattern will be available as a direct PDF download in the quilt pattern shop.

Get Up to 70% Off Clearance Items at shop.mybluprint.com 2/26-2/27/19, no coupon needed!

The pattern will include baby, throw, twin and queen/full sizes. This pattern is fat quarter friendly and PERFECT for using up your scraps! In fact, I highly recommend raiding your scrap bins to making some of these mountains. The smallest scraps only need to be about 5" x 4" – so not that big!

April 11, 2019: Mod Mountains quilt sew-along

A week after the Mod Mountains pattern release we will launch into a sew-along! If you're curious what to expect of an SQ sew-along, check out the Modern Fans sew-along we did last fall.  

It will include extra video tutorials, live chats with yours truly and some pretty cool prizes. I'll post more details when we get closer to the launch date.

Until then I'm going to stay in bed and keep cuddling this baby of mine. xo

newborn cuddles

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31 thoughts on “I had a baby!

  1. Phoebe says:

    I’d like to think that my wife didn’t know how scared I was when she was in labor/going in for a c-section, but I also said, “We are never doing this ever again.” People always talk about how the endorphins that the birthing parent gets are so good and babies are so cute, etc., that the birthing parent forgets how horrible/scary/painful it was/can be. But, as the non-birthing parent I don’t think I’ve forgotton a second of those 38 hours. Congratulations! You are amazing.

  2. Lynne says:

    I’m so happy for you Suzy! He is absolutely adorable and you are right to be enjoying as much as you can at this time!

  3. Joyce says:

    When I read your very first posts I cried, but this post is just the happiest!!! You are hilarious, you & John WILL be great parents! (Right now you just don’t think so because your at one of the tuffest parts of being parents)! My son in law says we Mother’s have special powers, we operative on little to no sleep, we pull magic out of no where, and can create miracles! So as a mother I know you have it in you to be the same! You are blessed beyond measure. Peace to you & your family.

  4. Cindy says:

    You look marvelous, enjoy that special time with Desmond, there’s nothing like it. Plus I think Scrap is enjoying it too😍even if you get a stink eye every now and then!!

  5. barbara.m.konkle says:

    Desi is adorable! What a sweetheart! Scrap is so cute! Getting used to a new human in the house must be hard! I love seeing all your pictures of your sweet family! A surprise C-section is definitely a shock! I pushed for two hours and had to have one because my little guy was stuck! Enjoy those sweet little snuggles! My little guy is already nine! It does not feel like it when you are getting no sleep, but it really does go fast…the days are long and the years are fast! LOL! I cannot wait to do the mod mountains quilt!!! I live in the mountains in Co and this quilt will be perfect!!!! Thank you for doing this while you are so insanely busy! You are amazing!

  6. Cinthia says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband for becoming parents to a precious baby boy! Love seeing Scrap sharing in the photo ops!

  7. Pat says:

    Congratulations! Life has now changed forever and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without that sweet baby boy! I hope you enjoy every precious minute!

  8. Suzanne says:

    Wonderful post, Suzy! The joy jut comes shining through. Keep soaking up every minute, savor them and embed them in your heart and mind…babies are simply the best. One of mine just turned 42 (gasp!) yesterday and I can still remember how it was when he was new to the family. We’ll be here waiting when you are ready to lead us into the Mod Mointains.

  9. Susie says:

    Motherhood is a hodgepodge of all emotions! April SAL sounds great….I swear I will finish Modern Fans before then! LOL. Congrats and snuggle while he’s immobile! Life changes fast!

  10. nan says:

    Before you know it, they are 40 years old and you are about the least important person in their life. Enjoy these days while he is young. They don’t last forever.

  11. Cat says:

    He’s so sweet and wonderful! Congratulations!
    I too had an unplanned c-section…my little girl was 2 weeks late and coming one arm and one leg down the birth canal.
    It’s a little longer recovery and you may never wear a bikini again but worth all the effort!

  12. Maxine Reisenleiter says:

    Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like this time when you are excited, exhausted, fascinated with the your new addition, sleep deprived and wondering how in the heck the end of the day came and you are still in your PJ’s. It’s even hard to find time to take a shower even though you desperately want one. But as so many others have pointed out, they do grow up fast. Those are wonderful photos. He’s just lovely.

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