Experience the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Like Never Before


My fellow quiltsplorers (that's supposed to be a mashup of "quilters" and "explorers." Did it work?), I bring to you today an adventure! Well, not just an adventure, an experience. My friends at Experience Park Tours have asked me to let you in on a fun trip they have planned.

Do you remember a while back we took a trip together across the country to find the best quilt shows in the USA? Very high on that list is the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. This show displays more than...wait for it...1300 quilts! It is globally recognized as the largest outdoor quilt show in the world!

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Guide! | Suzy Quilts https://suzyquilts.com/sisters-outdoor-quit-show

Photo Cred: Sisters Quilt Show

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Guide! | Suzy Quilts https://suzyquilts.com/sisters-outdoor-quit-show

There is something fun for quilters, non-quilters, kids, teens, adults – everyone! With tons of classes, demonstrations, quilt show-and-tell, and craft areas, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show leaves no one out. Experience Park Tours put together a few quilting trends for you to look for in the 2018 show based on the amazing quilts from 2017.

FYI, this is a sponsored post, but I assure you that I only partner with companies I like and trust.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018: What to look for...

1. Tribal Prints

From bright hues of canary yellow to feathered patterns and spotted prints, tribal motifs were seen popping up in many different quilt shows around the country. As these designs grow in popularity, expect to see even more this year in 2018. 

2. Blue

Blue is a brilliant, accurate color to represent the eccentric year behind us. The use of various blue shades is a cool, rich addition to a traditional neutral background on any quilt. At the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, blue was the official color of the year!

3. Hand Work

Hand work can be considered “old school,” but is a delicate and sophisticated way to put a personal touch on a quilt. Last year, hand stitching was a skill frequently used, but not just in the traditional way. Many quilts mixed hand sewn elements with machine stitching to create a gorgeous mix of texture and personality.  

4. Quilting with Voice

2017 was an iconic year. People voiced opinions and stood up for social movements. This new involvement was seen in the Sisters show last year through more and more quilts incorporating poignant phrases and distinct bold imagery. In 2018, expect to see even more quilts with messages aimed at provoking thought and discussions.

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Guide! | Suzy Quilts https://suzyquilts.com/sisters-outdoor-quit-show

Experience Nature + Quilts

Experience Park Tours has created a luxury quilting tour designed specifically for you, my quiltsplorers (I'm just going to keep using it until it sticks) that is all inclusive, and surrounds the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the itinerary here!

In addition to a full day at the Sisters show, the trip also includes a day trip up Mt. Hood to view the stunning Multonomah Falls. Not big on hiking? This 2 mile excursion can be as leisurely or as tough as you want it to be. Oh, and did I mention you're not just getting a rush from the falls, but also from tons of fabric! That's right, you're scheduled to visit an adorable LQS over lunch – Every Thread Counts Quilt Shop!

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Guide! | Suzy Quilts https://suzyquilts.com/sisters-outdoor-quit-showisters-Quilt-Show

In addition to other naturey things, this 6-day adventure includes being on a boat AND at a winery. I mean. Come ooooon. Quilts + wine + a boat!? Did I fantasize about this trip enough times it actually became a reality?

Have you visited any of these tour stops? I'd love to hear about it. I've actually never even been to Oregon! I KNOW!! Looks like that's going to have to change very soon. If you're interested in more deets, hop on over to Experience Park Tours!

12 thoughts on “Experience the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Like Never Before

  1. Tutti says:

    Ironically, I grew up in Oregon, living there until I was 29 years old, long before I ever dreamed of quilting. I remember passing through Sisters and different times and seeing the quilts, but having no interest. Now, I need to fly 3,000 mikes to get there!

  2. Megan says:

    Oregon Resident here! The trip looks amazing! You will hit a lot of the highlights of our state. Be prepared for a lot of drive time, this tour is crossing the state! Sister’s is such a cute town. It will be hot in July!!! Have so much fun

  3. Beth - Sew DIY says:

    I grew up in Oregon and my family would spend a lot of time near Sisters in the summer. I remember being there once during the quilt show and being totally fascinated by the quilts. The trip looks amazing and covers a lot of Oregon. Crater Lake is particularly stunning. It’s a beautiful part of the country and July is a great time of year to go.

  4. Nancy Geddis says:

    Well as being someone who lives in Sisters, I might add that the week before the Outdoor Show (always the second Saturday in July) is the time to be here. Not only do they have classes taught at the high school through out the week, by local ,national and international teachers, but nightly actives to participate as well. Quilters bingo, Friday night dinner ,quilts in the garden tours, and every other year Men behind the Quilts Calender Auction!!!
    But probably the best reason to come early, is that you can actually get into the Stitchin Post and look around without the crowd. It’s a great time. Oh and don’t forget about “Save it for Sunday”. a featured quilt artist gives a short lecture and then a guided tour around the 5 Pines Lodge area of his/her quilts.
    Hope to see you all there this year. BTW I will be having a “Suzy” pattern quilt on the employee challenge wall.

  5. Mickenzie says:

    I have lived in washington my whole life and never even knew of this event now I am on the prowl for more events like this and I will be attending the Sisters, OR event for sure this summer!!

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