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Quickie Quilt Market Recap

Quickie Quilt Market Recap: Go!

  1. I had a dopey smile on my face the whole time. Like even when I was beat tired and my roommate Stephanie was making me stay out and mingle past my bedtime (which is preferably 10pm, but ya'll, I was out till midnight every night!

Sew Pro Convention: Part 1

If you are asking yourself, “What is Sew Pro? Why have I not heard about this?”

Take solace in that you may not be alone. Sew Pro is brand spank'n new and, if you're like me and hear about things 6 months after they happen, sadly you will have to wait until the next Sew Pro to hop in on the fun.


Observer Fabric: April Rhodes Blog Tour

What's your color?

(It’s a broad question, but just grab the first word that flutters into your brain.)

Got it? Don’t feel pegged down by it. Like myself, it probably changes based on season, mood, or current fabric obsession. If you were to ask me a last week, I’d say SPARKLES!!