Mod Melons Free Quilt Pattern


What better way to enjoy summer than this FREE watermelon quilt pattern! The Mod Melons quilt pattern focuses on sewing curves. If curves are new to you, I have lots of tutorials and resources to help you learn this fun and gratifying skill.

How to Sew Curves Tutorials

A FREE watermelon quilt pattern! Learn to sew curves with the Mod Melons quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts -

This watermelon quilt pattern was inspired by the beautiful Mod Basics 3 line of fabric by Birch Fabrics.

A FREE watermelon quilt pattern! Learn to sew curves with the Mod Melons quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts -

From a girl who's felt up A LOT of fabric, I'm not lying when I say this stuff is scrummy stuff! It's seriously a dream to work with. Rather than go on and on about how soft and creamy this fabric is and how I want to rub it all over my body, you should just buy a swatch and feel for yourself. You'll be rubbing it all over soon enough too.

The colors from this Mod Basics 3 line were so cute and happy, I had to try my best to make an equally happy quilt. AND can you think of a happier fruit?

Did someone say peach? sigh...ok, you may have me there, but I'd say a watermelon is at least one of the top 3 cutest and happiest in the fruit family.​ (Stop thinking of cuter fruit!)

Now that I've got watermelon on the brain, have you ever tried a watermelon cocktail? I know I'm switching lanes here a bit, but this one is incredibly refreshing. Unless you don't like watermelons...or limes...or ginger ale...or cocktails. BUT if you like all of those things, are you in for a treat! 



  • 4 Cups Watermelon, Cubed
  • 2 Limes
  • 1⅓ Cups Ginger Ale
  • 3 Oz Gin (Optional)
  • Additional Lime Wedges For Garnish, If desired

If those ingredients have you smack'n your lips, you can find the full recipe here.

​Sewing Curves – You Can Do It!


I'm reining it in, cause I know why you came – for the free watermelon quilt pattern. So let's get to it. Many of you will see this watermelon pattern and think, "Dang. Curves. I guess I won't be making this quilt." 

Noooooo! Banish the thought!

If you've never sewn curves before, it's true, they can be scary in the beginning. But before you count yourself out, take a look at my quick video tutorial on how to sew curves and you'll be jumping for joy at how easy it really is!!

This video specifically uses my Modern Fans quilt pattern, however, the technique remains the same for sewing all curves. No pins or special tools are involved and it really is as simple as guiding fabric through your machine.

For a totally FREE PDF download of the Mod Melons Quilt Pattern, visit this link.​ This pattern was designed to use my sewing curves technique. If you try pinning, you may actually have more frustrating results.

The last point I'll add about this watermelon quilt pattern is that the seeds are optional. If appliqué does not appeal to you, just skip it. Sewing watermelons should be fun and whimsical and if appliquéing tiny seeds onto your melons is going to be a dark cloud over the experience, those melons can just be seedless. They're my favorite kind of watermelons anyway. 😉 

If you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #ModMelonsQuilt so we can all enjoy your beeeutiful watermelon quilt! Good luck and happy melon-ing!

A FREE watermelon quilt pattern! Learn to sew curves with the Mod Melons quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts -

40 thoughts on “Mod Melons Free Quilt Pattern

  1. Amy says:

    What fabric did you use for the backing? It’s amazing!! I am going to make this for my younger daughter 🙂 Thank you for the free pattern and the video! Very helpful

    • Suzy says:

      I always use 100% cotton batting for all of my quilts. However, if you are looking for a light-weight batting, try a poly blend – those tend to be less dense and fluffier.

  2. kathryn says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for such a great quilt pattern! I loved this one as soon as I saw it and immediately thought of a friend who would love it too. When she announced she was pregnant I knew I had to make it up. I made it baby quilt sized, it looks great and I know it’s got a happy new home now. Thanks again!

  3. Krysal says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial on sewing curves! I’m just beginning and this makes sewing curves WAY less intimidating. Would this work with clamshells?

  4. Barbara says:

    I just started quilting. Cannot wait until I have enough experience under my belt making quilts to tackle this melon quilt. What a bright, cheery design. Love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  5. Chris Stringos says:

    Love this pattern. I’m fairly new to quilting. I’ve never tried curves but I’m going to make this one. Do I need to add 1/4″ seam allowance to the templates. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

  6. Emily says:

    Hi Suzy,

    I wanted to ask if you did the free motion quilting by free styling or by using a template. Do you have any suggestions on where to get acrylic

    • Laura Hopper says:

      Hi Emily! The Mod Melons quilt in this blog post was quilted by a long arm quilter. It looks great with this pattern!

  7. Joan says:

    Thanks! I downloaded it and looking forward to this!!!!! Your directions are so well written it makes it so easy todo. And just in time! Almost (always!) watermelon season! Thanks again

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