An Honest Oliso Iron Review: Is It the Best Iron for You?

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

If you've been quilting for a while, you've most likely seen someone using an Oliso iron – whether it be a quilting retreat, YouTube tutorial or even in your local fabric shop. They are easy to spot because they come in adorable colors like pink, purple, yellow and blue. Not only that, they are branded as "smart" irons.

But what makes an iron a smart iron? Is it part robot? Oliso, are you selling adorable robots just like the cute droids from Star Wars?? Am I going to open an iron-sized box to find a pink BB-8 who irons my clothes?? 

In this honest review we'll answer that question and unpack all of my thoughts on the hype surrounding the Oliso TG1600 smart iron.

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

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A Brief Background

For the last few years, I have been using this Rowenta iron and I genuinely love it. I would still be using it if Oliso had not reached out and offered to send me an iron to review. A couple of things I specifically like about my Rowenta is the weight (I like a heavy, sturdy iron) and the pointed tip is excellent for pressing seams. 

I should also mention that I do not put water in my iron (I always keep a fine mist spray bottle handy instead), so I will not be testing the steam feature on the Oliso. All other features will be taken for a test drive, though. 

A quick note from Suzy! I also don't put water in my iron because I find that it shortens the life of an iron and inevitably leaks. Also when I'm not paying attention those leaks turn into scorched fabric and a nasty looking ironing board cover. Just wanted to reiterate what Rach already said. OK, back to the review!

Oliso Iron: Initial Impressions

Oliso was kind enough to send me this OLISO® PRO™ TG1600 SMART IRON. My first impression was that if it really did all of the things listed on the box, I was going to be majorly impressed.

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

This Oliso Pro iron is just the right amount of weight, which you know is important to me. I like some power behind my press! It's actually very comparable in weight to the Rowenta iron I had been previously using. This iron also has a nicely pointed tip, which is perfect for precise pressing. (Say that five times fast!)

Shortly after plugging in, it was ready to rock 'n roll. (I am working with 100% cotton fabric today, so the heat dial is turned all the way up.) According to the spec sheet, this iron uses 1800 watts of power. Compared to my Rowenta, which uses 1700 watts, I couldn't tell a difference in the time it took to heat up.

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

What is noticeably different between these two irons is GLAM appeal! My Rowenta can't hold a candle to how cute this iron is propped up in my sewing room. Seriously, if you're into pretty notions, how great is this Oliso iron paired with the Ruby Star Society ironing board cover?! These two are totally made for each other.

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

Features of the Oliso Iron

The water reservoir is easily accessed on the side of the iron and a handy water cup with a pour spout is included with the Oliso iron as well. 

Another notable feature is the auto shut-off. If the iron is turned on but not used within a 30 minute time frame, it will automatically shut off. Additionally, it will turn itself off after 30 seconds if the iron is knocked over on its side. 

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

What makes this iron "smart" and sets it apart from other "unsmart" irons is the iTouch/autolift feature. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to press. When I take my hand off, these little feet or "scorchguards", if you want to be technically accurate, lift the iron off the board, preventing scorches, burns and tipping. 

Working with these little feet is the biggest learning curve for this iron (for me, at least.) After years of automatically propping an iron up when not in use, it will take a bit of time to ditch that habit. It's muscle memory at this point! The Oliso iron gets placed flat when not in use, and the feet prop the iron up as soon as it detects there is no longer a hand on its handle. 

A close up shot of the little feet can be seen in the first photo below. As soon as the handle detects touch, the feet disengage (as seen in the second photo below.)

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewing
An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewing

The Oliso Iron In Use

Now it's time to put this iron to work! The day I took these photos, I was finishing up the binding on one project and getting ready to start another Tail Feather quilt, so the iron saw plenty of use.

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewing

After using this Oliso iron for a few days now, I can say that I do like it. It has a nice weight, a nice pointed tip, and the iTouch feature is pretty neat.

I will say that this iron comes with a learning curve, however. It's been hard to get into the habit of using the iTouch feature. I'm constantly still propping the iron on its end when I'm done using it. Part of me is nervous that I will eventually get used to it and then make the mistake of placing a non-Oliso iron flat when not in use. 

Overall, it has been a great iron so far and I can see why so many quilters out there rave about it. The fun colors alone are reason enough for many.

Have you tried an Oliso iron? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

An honest review of the Oliso Iron. It's called a smart iron, but what makes it different than other irons? Is it the best iron for you? #sewingiron

127 thoughts on “An Honest Oliso Iron Review: Is It the Best Iron for You?

  1. Lynda H says:

    I have had my Oliso for several years now. A “friend” decided that I needed to iron with steam and filled the iron with water…..not a good outcome. The reservoir is hard to empty and when full and set to steam, the iron spit water and if left full, mineral deposits appeared almost overnight so the spitting became a real problem. It took me several weeks to get all the “steam” issues to cease and I have never filled the iron again. I have a backup iron for my “friends” to use and they can steam away. Like you I prefer a spray bottle of water. Occasionally the iron will go into what I call “dance” mode and lift up and down up and down up and down…you get the picture. The only solution is to turn it off and wait a couple of minutes, turn it back on and it is good to go again. All that being said, I Love my iron and would not go back to any other!

    • Mary Ann says:

      I agree with you 100%. Additionally, I like to steam with my iron and over time my iron has leaked out of the leg mechanism and even if I turn off the auto-lift option, the legs will randomly extend slightly and grab the fabric I’m ironing causing a wrinkled mess. Then I have to turn the auto-lift on to get it to retract the legs. I don’t enjoy ironing with this iron at all due to it’s unpredictability.

      • Suzie Burger says:

        I have been using my Oliso for several years and never want to go back to a non-smart iron. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists so it is a big help not to be lifting the iron.

      • Margie McBride says:

        Okay. I would like to love this iron; HOWEVER the steam feature leaves a lot to be desired. From the various reviews, it looks like I can’t fill the reservoir with water, but should use a mister instead. The iron has steamed so hard when standing that the entire thing is covered with water. Also, and more importantly, it steams brown water when turned on and when it is first used. I would appreciate any advise you can give me about cleaning out the reservoir which probably has rust or something inside. I tried emptying it and burned my hand because the water intake is on the side.

    • Peggy File says:

      I like my Oliso very much. As you said, when I go to a retreat and use another brand, I forget to stand it on its end. I take the silicone iron rest with me so I don’t cause a disaster. Most of the quilters I know love their’s too.

    • Rosine Kekelis says:

      The most important part of an iron is the heat, but that wasn’t addressed! I returned 2 Olivos irons because they didn’t get as hot as I needed – without steam. My 3rd Oliso had me so frustrated that I paid out of my own picket to send it back to the manufacturer in California, along with a respectful letter stating my aggravation. I was not compensated.
      What I’m looking for in a review of an iron is its weight, heat intensity,, plate design, one-off features, and heat-up time. I do appreciate your review, even though I had more questions. Thank you.

      • Fran says:

        I agree. Don’t like my Oliso. Had to send one of them back. Wasn’t functioning properly. It also does not get hot enough. I went back to my Rowenta.

        • Anne Jean says:

          I am just now for last little while trying to get help with an iron I got gifted to me on Mother’s Day. It was acting up similar to a few of the other commenters on her. Then one day I plugged it in and waited for it to heat up and no light no heat. It wasn’t even out of warranty yet. Unfortunately family did not keep receipt but I did register it. But they say my Orion was manufactured in 2019 so out of warranty. I thought warranty stated once sold and customer registered it ? Now I am stuck with an expensive Dead Iron . Shouldn’t these irons stand up better and longer than a 19.99 or 29.99 iron both which I have had for over 20 years with no issues ? Not a happy camper. Yes buyers fault for not keeping receipt . But also manufacturers fault for faulty product ! Does anyone know how or where I can get this repaired ?

          • Suzy Williams says:

            Is this an Oliso iron you have? I’m surprised after reaching out to Oliso directly you are getting that response. That’s very frustrating. Maybe a general appliance repair person could help.

        • Mary Moore says:

          I have had five Oliso irons because I like the auto lift feature when it works. Just got a replacement Oliso from a previous six month old Oliso that spit water frequently. The new one (2 weeks old) does not auto lift about half the time. Also agree it doesn’t get hot enough. Why do I keep replacing them? Because I love it when it works. My 2nd and 3rd iron both lasted 18 months. So Oliso keep making them and I’ll keep replacing them under warranty. God bless

      • Janet Mageno says:

        EXACTLY, I agree with you that several key factors were not addressed in this very honest review, aside from its very cute factor. I have been looking for a new iron since my Rowenta of 20 years kicked the bucket. Everywhere I look it seems like the Oliso brand iron is the #1 iron being pushed by every YouTuber I follow. What I noticed is that these bloggers and YouTubers have turned into the latest QVC shopping centers who push certain products over others. I guess I am now considered an older person and I just got it! This is how products are pushed through to the public and bloggers and YouTubers get things for free (I am not saying Suzy Quilts is doing this for those purposes). In general, I find that I am constantly watching commercials for products. Currently, I am looking for an iron that gets some real heat with modern new smart features. I would have stayed with Rowenta but I see that people are generally having negative results. I guess it is true that things are not being made to last these days.

      • Carolyn says:

        I got the OLISO iron this year as a Mother’s Day gift. It didn’t get as hot as my ROWENTA, so I added water to use steam for my seam pressing. The water starting leaking out around the where the cord plugs in, so I dumped the water out and turned it upside down & didn’t use the iron again until August this year, as soon as I plugged it in I heard a ‘pop’ and looked at the iron, it was smoking & smelled as if it was burning electricity (if you know that smell). Fortunately it was plugged into a surge protector, or it may have caused a power outage in my home. It was a beautiful gift that I was really excited about getting, but I don’t want another one!!
        Sept. 2023

      • Lisa A Pratte says:

        My Oliso gets plenty hot. When ironing my sewing projects, the fabric sometimes is too hot t touch. I do no use the steam function simply because it is too hard to get the water out. This iron replaced my Rowenta iron which I felt did not get hot enough. I love the long cord!

  2. Rowena Hillock says:

    I have had my Oliso for ew years and would not switch to any other at this point. My attention was drawn to it because of the lifting feature. I spend a lot of time at the ironing board and my shoulders and back were always aching after a short time. This wonderful iron cured that! It took a little getting used to but patience won out. The very long cord is also a feature I like. There is also an On-Off switch at the back of the iron should it be necessary to not use the automatic lift feet. The comments about not using water in the iron was of interest as I have had no issues with it but I will consider not filling the reservoir next time and use a spray bottle. Anything to prolong the life of the iron. One very happy quilter.

  3. Prunella D says:

    I love my Oliso iron. I’ve never had an issue with the water. I like the iron because it won’t tip over like my Rowenta if the ironing board is bumped.

    • Nancy Freelove says:

      I’m on my second one. I had a problem with the first one, and it was replaced at no cost. And I must confess, I scorched an ironing board cover. using a different iron because of the auto lift feature. TotAlly love this iron!

    • Linda P says:

      I agree with all of the pro comments mentioned. As for using the steam feature, DON’T!! It spits and sputters and was a huge disappointment for me. However, the pros outweigh the one con. It’s fairly easy to get used to the little feet and leaving the iron horizontal.

  4. Karin Twedt says:

    I too LOVE my iron and am no way giving it up! Yes there is a learning curve, but there is that with every new quilt pattern! I have rheumatoid arthritis and this iron has been wonderful in easing my wrists so I can still press and iron all I wish with my quilting…

  5. Patty says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing this iron. I’ve been curious for quite awhile but wasn’t ready to spend the money without knowing what others think after using it for awhile.

    • Denise says:

      I was going to get one but read a lot of reviews saying that it didn’t get hot enough, so I didn’t buy it. Any users have thoughts on this?

      • Anita says:

        I think it gets hot enough! Mine is 1600 watts. I just made 4 dresden plates and I love how it looks when pressed! No puckers, no issues.

        • Andrea says:

          I do not like my Oliso iron. The feet move up and down even when my hand is gripping the handle. This is annoying when trying to iron. To me, this feature does not function well.

      • Kathleen Ross says:

        Yes I’ve had 2 and just received a 3rd one for Christmas. I haven’t used the 3rd one yet but my first one broke within 6 months the mechanism that springs it up and down. My second one just doesn’t heat that well.

        • Celine says:

          I love my iron but today the mechanisms that springs it up and down are doing a crazy dance. I’ll have to get in touch with Oliso. Now I’m worried that I wasted my $

        • Arlene L Baker says:

          well I thought I loved my Oliso Pro for 3 years until it just quit heating, So no I will never buy another way to much much money and my Rowenta does a good job!!! and when I called well quess what the warrenty had just run out lol

          • Anne Jean Butcher says:

            That is the newer models. Mine only had 12 months but if registering before certain date after you got it they added 3 more months to that date. So 15 months. But they are not honouring even the 12 months for me. They are going by the date the iron was manufactured not purchased and received . I got it as a gift. It stopped working completely before six months!

      • Beth says:

        Mine heats up quickly and gets very hot. I love it. I don’t put water in mine anymore because I did have some trouble with it spitting water.

      • Fran Madler says:

        I have an Oliso iron and it does not get as hot as some other irons so I would never get another one. I have a back up iron that gets much hotter!

      • Rosine K. says:

        I went thru 3 Oliso irons because of mediocre heat issues. Finally gave up. Might be less frustrating to buy a $30 iron every year or two & avoid the frustration of spending $$$$ for a product that doesn’t deliver.

      • Becky says:

        I have an Oliso and love it! I bought a Rowenta so I could have an iron upstairs and downstairs, but the Rowenta doesn’t get hot enough and my finished tops and backing don’t look very pressed, even with starch. The Oliso always does a great job on the finished tops and backing getting ready to go to the long-armer. Getting ready to buy another Oliso for upstairs.

    • Lisa A Pratte says:

      I also love my Oliso iron. I have had it since before Christmas 2023. I use it almost everyday. I am going to also buy the mini. My current little iron is probably almost 10 years old!

  6. Terrie says:

    My sister gave me an Oliso for Christmas several years ago; I do love it but it no longer steams very well at all; even with using the button on the top and pressing, pressing, pressing it; it’s hard to get it to steam any longer. But I still really like it otherwise and it’s lasted longer than others I’ve had; I’ve had several rowenta’s and they were all over priced and didn’t work well at all for very long. I do wish they would give directions on just how to remove the lime buildup that is probably responsible for them to stop steaming. I did find out that the reason they discourage distilled is that whatever is in that water can ruin the metal parts on the inside of the iron. And most tap water particularly where I live has a terribly high lime content so the buildup on everything is terrible, so I can imagine what the inside of an iron would look like.

    • Janet Hamblin says:

      I use distilled water in my iron all the time. purely for the reason there is nothing in distilled water. the water is boiled and the steam is collected hence distilled. I also use distilled water in my cpap machine as it is the only water that never leaves any deposits. Very good for your iron.

      • Anita Kufeld says:

        Nancy Zieman has an article about what type of water to use in your iron. It turns out the “nothing” in the water IS a problem. Summarizing a little bit: an electron charge builds up in the water reservoir and ATTRACTS things out of the the metal or something like that. She recommended filtered tap water. It’s a good read. IDK the website directly but it comes up in a search easily. It’s the Sewing with Nancy Nancy Zieman.

      • mts says:

        My mother taught me to always use distilled water in any steam appliance. In 55+ years of sewing and ironing with a steam iron, I’ve never had a problem. Thanks Suzy for the review; that sure is a cutie…I just might invest in one just for the small size and technology features.

  7. Emily Jackson says:

    I loved the idea and the cuteness, but I had three in a row that leaked like sieves. Oliso sent new ones every time (and they weren’t surprised at the problem , either, which was telling). I went back to my trusty Rowenta. However, for Christmas this year I received the mini Oliso 1000W iron, and having made the decision not to trust it to hold water, I love it for using at my sewing station for small work. And it’s even cuter than its big sister.

  8. Dwanee Howard says:

    I am on my 3rd Olivo iron – i would switch to another brand, but like the i-touch. My next one (if there is one), I will not put water in for steam as I think this is one thing that has shortened the lives of mine.

  9. Marjorie Davidson says:

    This is my 2nd Oliso iron. I started with the blue and stopped using it when black sticky stuff came out of bottom of iron.I then purchased a yellow and am so pleased/it saves your wrist.All I can say is Thank You Oliso.

  10. Sandy says:

    I too love my Oliso but unfortunately after 2 years of constant use some wiring on the inside burnt up and no longer worked.

  11. Lisa says:

    Love my Oliso but you are right about one thing, switching back to another iron you will forget that you can’t leave it sitting down.

  12. Dr David Flynn JP says:

    I purchased this iron as I saw it many times on You Tube being used by quilters. I live in the UK and unfortunately was unable to obtain it until recently. Once I got it I am enthralled by it and use it all the time for all my ironing whether it be clothes or quilting. In fact, I purchased two of them, as the Irish would say ‘to be sure, to be sure’! I really like this iron and definitely would not go back to the conventical model.

  13. Jeanie Allen says:

    I have had my Oliso for 3 years and love it. I DO NOT put water in the iron… every iron I have ever owned before always had issues with water. So, like Suzy, I spray away…. I do not believe I can ever go back to a not smart iron!! Once you get used to the lifting feature, I do think I would cause multiple fires with a different iron. And my wrists say Thank You!

  14. Lynnea says:

    I bought the yellow Oliso last year. I received a defective unit at first and when I was working through returning it I explained that I use a dry iron. This is the response I received concerning using the iron dry:

    “Please note this for your future use. You may use the iron without water, HOWEVER there is one problem as these are steam irons and if you do not have a little bit of water then dirts and oils, when heated, can stick to the soleplate of an iron as a result you may have issue with the soleplate. There is no harm using it once or twice but in a long run this could be an issue.
    Always empty your water tank between ironing sessions, to avoid any mineral deposits in the tank.”

    I basically ignored this advice, but was surprised by it since an iron should be able to be used dry or with steam. I do love how hot it gets and love that it has saved my wrists.

    • Jo says:

      I don’t understand Oliso’s rationale for using water in the iron to avoid “dirts and oils”. Are they assuming the presence of dirt and oil? If using any sprayed water on the fabric, that should obviate any need for water in the iron.

  15. deborah says:

    Had mine for years. No leaks ever! When one of the 2 I own died, the company offered to replace –albeit with a lower model. Not for me, bought the big one over again. Have two, as a matter of fact, in case the bottom gets ucky and I don’t have time to clean it. I just switch over.

    • Linda Savage says:

      I had one for a few years and it stopped working. I live in Canada and was told that I needed to pay for a replacement. Considering the price I paid for my iron I was so disappointed. Oliso finally exchanged my iron free of charge and even paid my shipping the old one back . I love this iron, it works extremely well especially when quilting.

  16. Valerie says:

    I purchased an Oliso as it was the only brand offered at the nearest location to my rural home base. I found the heat level and weight comparable but not the same as my years old Rowenta. I was struck by the negatives right from the get go! I like the iron to stay hot throughout my sewing session. The auto shut off was a disappointment. The learning curve for the foot feature created another stressor. Not only did the feet get caught in seam allowances while pressing, this feature stopped working with the feet in the engaged position exactly 1yr and 1 week post purchase at which time the warranty did not allow a replacement. The iron was useless at this point. I teach quilting and travel with a standard iron and burned many a pressing surface by not standing that iron on end after rewiring my brain for the Oliso. Lesson learned, should have returned it immediately! Will never buy another, have gone back to Rowenta.

    • Linda H. says:

      I experienced the same issue – lift feet stopped working – leaving me with a useless iron. I’m going to give it to my grandson to tear apart and experiment on! No more expensive Oliso irons for me…I’ve had better luck with the irons I’ve purchased at Goodwill – $5.00 Rowenta anybody??

    • Kathy says:

      I have the mini Oliso and love it as much as I love the larger one. It heats up quickly and does a great job. The small size makes it so easy to press the linings of small pouches and bags after completion. The handle tends to get very warm but it hasn’t deterred its use. It comes with a silicone mat to place it on when not in use but be careful where you put it down. I accidentally left the iron sitting on the silicone mat on my cutting mat for a short spell and it warped the mat as well as a cutting ruler next to it. Not a fault of the iron but just an FYI. Also, I’ve gotten in the habit of unplugging the iron when not in use. I love it for small projects and it’s so darned cute.

    • Melanie Anderson says:

      I have the mini one and love it! It gets hot! I also don’t use water in my irons. I use a fine mister instead. It doesn’t stand up which was hard to adjust to at first. I was surprised at the nice press I get, especially with a wool mat. Mine is pink!

    • Kelly Mousley says:

      I bought a mini and returned it as the handle heated up to the point that it was uncomfortable to the touch. I was told by customer support that to remedy the situation I listed needed to turn down the temperature. This defeated the purpose as I was piecing and needed the higher heat on cotton fabric. I didn’t use water in the iron so can’t comment on that feature.

    • Deb S. says:

      Yes, I have a mini version. Here’smy thoughts on it.
      The cord seems to drag, since its a heavy cord which is necessary to supply the wattage, and the iron is small and naturally because of its size, it is lighterweight than a standard size iron, so it all feels imbalanced. Sometimes it seems like the iron could be dragged off the ironing board by the weight of the cord. the mini version operates like a “regular” iron only its small size is convenient in weight and size for ironing small pieces of fabric. Its does not lift itself horizontally. Its very hard to see the water in it (for steaming) as the window is already made of a foggy plastic, but the steam mechanism works just fine. I would go to a store and touch each one before making a choice. I do not like the feel of this one and if I knew, I would have chesen one with a betting water window and feel.

  17. Connie Remetch says:

    I have owned 2 Oliso irons now & will gladly never buy another one. The 1st leaked like a sieve; the 2nd lasted for only 1 year. I know other quilters who have had good experiences but I did not. They’re way too expensive for that kind of performance.

  18. Rose says:

    A friend of mine had 3 of these in a 90 day time frame. The company kept replacing them, which was nice. However after the 3rd one failed she asked for her money back. It wasn’t the water…it was the feet, they kept failing. One time when she wasn’t watching…nearly caught the drapes on fire. After a series of Rowenta irons, I had a gravity feed tailors iron. Good 2 years until I had to open the french doors and chuck it out on the lawn when it had a meltdown. I’m sticking to cheap throwaways now.

  19. Shout4JoyQuilter says:

    I have had my Oliso for several years and LOVE it. I have hand/wrist issues and the fact that I can keep them in a neutral position by not twisting a heavy iron makes me able to work for much longer times in my Quilt Cave 🙂 When I teach quilting classes, that is one of the features I highlight to my students!

    • Jo says:

      Thanks for your review! I was intrigued by the Oliso, but put off by the price and the not-infrequent-enough failures reported in reviews. My old, inexpensive Black & Decker iron heats up fast, and works fine. It fits inside my in-the-wall iron station cubby, which is important to me, for storage. When not in use, the ironing board and iron are closed up in a nice wood cabinet that I stained and finished and installed.

  20. Brenda King says:

    I too was mesmerized by the novel attributes of the pink Oliso iron, and bought one. It worked for a few weeks, then the feet started lowering when not wanted, some times catching my fabric and digging lines in it before I realized what was happening. I was delighted with the self raising feature, but eventually it stopped working too. I was just beginning to look into the warranty service, but dropped and broke the iron, so gave up. It was too costly to function like that!

    • Candy Stiffler says:

      Several years ago I used the yellow Oliso in my shop for classes. It was amazing for the short time it worked (less than a year). They just cost too much to be replacing them that often. I am surprised at how many of these comments say they are on their second or third. I think my Rowenta is going to last forever!

  21. Mea Cadwell says:

    I don’t use water in my irons and still use my grandmother’s Black and Decker Light and Easy iron from 1984. It’s still going strong and I use it multiple times a day. It doesn’t auto-shutoff and has a nice long cord. I like this iron so much that I scoured online and bought a few more. I prefer it to newer models because it lasts so long, doesn’t have things like feet that can stop working and the model was made well. I purchased a newer iron a few years ago as backup and detested it! Short little cord and auto-shutoff in 10 minutes. Every sewer knows you leave the iron on, do some sewing and go back to the iron. And the sewing may take longer than 10 minutes. Then I had to turn the iron back on and wait for it to heat up. Nope, I want my old fashioned iron, thank you very much.

  22. Maryellen says:

    I find it interesting that so many people don’t use the steam function of this iron. Why buy an iron and not use all the functions. I owned this iron, paid $150 for it. It never truly got hot enough for me and it eventually broke…after about 18 months. I decided to purchase a different brand but feared I would miss the up-and-down function of the little feet. I quickly acclimated to putting my iron on its end and have never looked back. I would not recommend oliso irons.

  23. JennyH says:

    I thought about the Oliso but worried that the extra moving parts involved with the lift/raise system would make it more likely to break down. Instead I kept my old iron and bought a silicone iron rest for under $10. My wrists are happy and so is my wallet.

  24. Mo says:

    I am in my second and still love it. As far as the steam being sputtery or having issues with leaking, I find if I leave the lid where you pour in the water open a crack it solves those issues.

  25. Nancy says:

    I had an Oliso several years ago. The feet stopped working just after the warranty expired. I like the feet feature so I bought a second one the feet on it stopped working after about 18 months. I continue using it without the feet for about another six months when it no longer got very hot. I decided the feet were not worth the price since they only lasted a couple of years. I bought a silicone mat to set my iron on and bought a less expensive iron. I have now had my $30 dollar iron for 2 years and am happy with my decision.

    • Oma Carla says:

      I’ve had my Oliso iTouch iron for a couple of years and I think the auto-lift feature is the best!! It’s so much easier on my arm and shoulder.
      I got the new little Oliso project iron for Christmas and it’s great to have right beside my sewing machine and on my mini cutting table to press seams for blocks. I have both in pink and wouldn’t be without them. The little one has a silicone mat to place the iron on as you’re sewing and to hang the iron up! I’ve never had a problem with either of them with the “spitting”.
      Love my Oliso’s !!!

  26. Hayley says:

    I’ve used lots of different irons in my time, working in quilt shops and teaching in different classrooms, and I’ve come across Olisos a lot and I can’t say I have ever enjoyed using them. I do all kinds of sewing, not just quilting, so I use steam and I feel like every Oliso I’ve ever touched has leaked. The scorchguard feet are a novel idea but I’ve also found the grooves where the feet retract catch on seams. I feel like everyone I know personally who owns one has the same story about theirs leaking and having Oliso replace it which frankly should not be a commonplace thing. They’re fine irons I guess but for the price, I feel like there are much better options out there. They feel plasticky to me, even if they are cute. If I walk into a classroom and see it filled with Olisos, it honestly bums me out because I know it’s gonna be a headache.

  27. Jean says:

    My Oliso stopped the steam functioning. I loved the automatic lift. I bought the steam Rowenta steamforce 1800 w., but don’t like it as well as my Oliso. We’ll see but my sister
    who is quilter had her Rowenta break and will never go back to one, so I hoping the Row3nta lasts I am missing my Oliso automatic lift.

  28. Gerrilyn says:

    I am a quilter, I Quilt everyday for hours. I finally bought an Oliso and after about 6 weeks, it stopped hearing. The company replaced it. I think I got a refurbished one. I only used bottle water. I love to dream, but this iron leaks like crazy. I’m amazed that these irons are so popular for the performance.

  29. Mary Beth says:

    I got the mini one for my Anniversary this year and the large blue one for Christmas. I never dreamed I would be excited about an iron ever but I love them both!! The little one get nice and hot and works really well in a pressing station with a well mat. The larger one I love the lifting feature so I can just iron move iron move with out setting it up and down all the time!

  30. Joan says:

    I have had 2 Oliso yellow irons. The feet up/down feature worked for only a couple of weeks after I rbought the first.. The feet locked in the “down” position.It was replaced by the distributor, and the second one lasted almost a full year before the same problem occured . I was very disappointed and am unlikely to purchase another Oliso iron although I hadenjoyed using it prior to the problem with the feet. I now use a Rowenta which still works very well after about three years.

    • Pearl S says:

      Similar issue — my husband bought me the yellow one for a Christmas present. Before the year was out it stopped lifting. While it was still under warranty I was told I had to ship it to California (at my cost) and from Canada that was a rediculous amout so I’ll NEVER buy another Oliso product again.

  31. Mary says:

    I bought an Oliso iron about 18 months ago. It was fun to use but never seemed to get hot enough for me. Finally, a few weeks after the warranty ran out, it stopped heating at all. I contacted the company and since I was out of warranty they “kindly” offered to look at it if I shipped it and paid $40 just for the initial look-see. I bought a Rowenta and have been very pleased with it.

  32. Alia Sheikh says:

    I recently bought an Oliso from Costo. It was one of those special tours where they showcase an item for a week or so. Given Costo’s return policy, I figure I am safe to try it. I do like the lifting of feet and not worrying about letting my fabric burn. I did find that fabric got caught in it, if I don’t wait for them to go down. I worry about the smart features stopping to work given electronic breakdown. But I am liking it so far. Going to keep going using it…

  33. Dorothy Graff says:

    My first Oliso iron quit steaming within the first year of use. I replaced it for a $40 fee to Oliso. The replacement I have had for about 3 months and this one will not heat up at all. I will never pay the price for another Oliso. Sure it had great features and conveniences but it isn’t worth the money spent if it doesn’t work, especially in such a short time. and I followed all the operating instructions.

  34. Courtney Tague says:

    I loved my Oliso smart iron…for 6 months of light quilting use until it stopped heating at all. Light comes on…no heat to be had. Tried everything, and it’s just plain broken. Here’s hoping they don’t give me trouble about replacing under warranty. I have read this same complaint several times, except for most it seems to die at 1 year and 1 month (just outside the warranty period). So, it was great…while it lasted.

  35. Sharon St John says:

    For the first four years, I had no issues at all with my blue Oliso i Touch. This past year, the iron seems to have its own mind and many times, will not respond to touch. Other times, it thinks I’ve stopped when in fact I’m still using it and the feet appear! I have to use the manual Off/On switch but it doesn’t leak and it heats well so I’ll keep using it until it stops working. Not sure if I’d buy another after reading all these reviews.

  36. Joan Sheppard says:

    We do Charity sewing at a church and there are a bunch of us. We use the Oliso and it’s great for so many people as it doesn’t fall off the ironing board because it sits flat on the board and is user friendly for all and presses well for quilting. When I worked at the fabric store we sold these and a lady called one day and said (loudly) “Are your irons hotter than mine?” (Define hot?) So I called the local repair store and he said the industry has changed the rules on temperature and has lowered the temps! So even though I love this iron, I will try to keep my old “hot” one for a while longer, but it’s on the very tip top of my Christmas List.

  37. Patricia Bendell says:

    Do not buy one of these “smart” irons! I got one for Christmas and it stopped working in March. I immediately contacted the company and they used COVID 19 to say they could not send a replacement till April, beginning of May. Then they said June, then July…every deadline, they used the same excuse..the pandemic has delayed my receiving a replacement. Here it is September and now they are saying October! The iron is crap and so is the warranty.

  38. Betsy Richardson says:

    I ordered my Oliso in May, 2020 thru Amazon and started having trouble with it leaking within 2-3 months. I didn’t do my homework before ordering and didn’t realize they only have a 30 day warranty. I’m still having leaking issues and it doesn’t seem to get hot enough to press creases/seams in my quilting projects.
    Is there anyone else that can help with a replacement/refund for this very expensive crafting tool? Thank you for your response in advance.

  39. Cynthia Gottlieb says:

    I’ve had my pink Oliso for 2.5 years and it is a love/hate relationship. It has been replaced once and I”m waiting now 8 months for another replacement, Corona is the excuse with back orders. I love the look. I love the iTouch. I love how you fill the iron with water. After a few uses it started to spit brown stuff, sometimes little, sometime large pieces. I contacted them. They are not aware of this. I figured it was lint that the iron sucks up in the iTouch mode. I have “scorched” now 2 very sturdy ironing board covers even when I don’t use the iTouch feature. The iron temperature is on the 1st setting for steam use, the lowest setting for steam (so the lowest for heat/steam). The brown stuff accumulates less not using the iTouch. The little foot in the front tip of the iron gets stuck in the out position, unknowingly, I will iron and it will grab the fabric and wrinkle it, more ironing needed. More work for me. When I sent back the 1st iron after 4 months of use, I sent back some of the brown “lint” to them as showing them what I was talking about. I hear nothing. For me, I may end up getting a Rowenta as using this is ruining any pressing/ironing I do. I need a damp cloth to remove the brown spots. As a routine, I take a toothpick to ream out the iron plate of any brown “lint” At some point I will have to get another ironing board cover. Since my board is a European one, it is hard to find the size cover and additional expense. Something I never had with my cheap Black and Decker. So all in all, the iron looks so adorable, it does iron nicely and having longer than usual auto-shut-off is a nice feature, the side fill is nice but emptying the reservoir is not so easy and the lint issue is by far the worst. I would not purchase this again but I will accept a replacement.

    • Linda Hoover says:

      Mine is throwing brown lint onto the fabric and ruining it. I am very careful to use a qtip on the inside and gets lots of it out but it hides and and jumps out at the worst possible time, and when it does, the fabric is ruined. I’m throwing mine away today. I’ve finally had enough.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Honestly I really like having both. The mini heats up really fast, but doesn’t overs less space and doesn’t have an automatic shut off – which is mandatory for someone as forgetful as myself. 😉

  40. cheryl says:

    I enjoyed the Oliso for 7 months till it stopped heating up. I contacted the company and they offered to replace it at no charge. It has been 5 months and every month they say it will ship by the end of the following month. very frustrating

  41. Doris Perry says:

    I have had an Oliso for 6-8 yrs. I love it. I do Not put water in it. I am not able to sew regularly any more and am afraid that I will forget to empty it. I use a spray bottle instead. I have had no problems with the iron. When I can sew, it gets hot enough to do my seams properly. I love the fact that it raises up and down and will turn off automatically after a short time (I’ve actually forgotten how many minutes. Somewhere around 6 or 7). I did notice, when we were able to have our sewing groups, that I had a problem with regular irons. I had to make a special point to remember to set them on end.

  42. Sheri says:

    I had a perfectly good Panasonic iron when I bought this one. At first, I loved it! The Oliso iron lasted 2 years. The feet would no longer work and there was no heat! I threw it away and went back to my trusty Panasonic! Yes, it still works. Such a shame because I really loved the foot feature.

  43. Gail Brown says:

    I have had it with Oliso. I loved it at first! Cost $300 in Canada so I would hope so! But after 2 years it vomited all over my fabric and they replaced it as soon as I returned the original. Not easy being disabled and not a city dweller. But my replacement came and i shelved it for 7 months because I had gone back to my 2002 iron to meet my deadlines. Then Covid hit and the demand for masks came so I took out my replacement Oliso. It wouldn’t heat up and had an electrical smell. Contacted the company again. They asked if I wanted a replacement or my money back…I should have taken the money. I finally had to say I wanted my money back in November for them to finally send my second replacement but my third Oliso. But we moved and we’re doing renovations…so I plugged it in on May 13 after receiving in in November….and it just drips constantly. I contacted the company and they wait I am out of warranty but I can pay for a new one! Ah I already own 3 lemons. No thanks!

    • Jan says:

      I have a great Panasonic, but it took sending the first two back before I got one that works I get plenty hot and has lasted me five years and counting. Good luck 🍀

  44. Teresa Omert says:

    I’ve had 3 Olisos. All 3 have failed miserably after just over a year so the company woud not replace them. Never again.

  45. Mary T says:

    I tried the Oliso because of the feet and also some positive recommendations. However, it did not heat up sufficiently for my cotton fabric quilting. Then just after the warranty ran out, it stopped heating at all. I contacted the company and was told that if I paid to sent it back to them plus $90 they would check it out. Ha! No way. I’m now very happy with my Rowenta. .

  46. Jane says:

    I have had my pink Osilo for two years. I have read bad reviews but didn’t agree. I loved mine…….until today. All of the reviews that said “it smelt like it was burning and then wouldn’t heat up” is now my review too. I am very disappointed. From what I have read I have no chance of having a good outcome. I have contacted Oliso. Fingers crossed.

  47. Becky Tidwell says:

    I have a 2 year old yellow Oliso. So far no problems. Had the usual learning curve of not standing it up. Now the problem is remembering to stand up other non-Oliso irons. I did find that my yellow iron was hotter than my friend’s Pink one, same age.

  48. Jan says:

    I’m a long time avid quilter and have used a Panasonic cordless iron for the last several years. I also have my mother’s 1960’s Vintage Sunbeam. Both of these irons get very hot and satisfy my most important need when pressing… that being crisp sharp seams. However they both require a lot of wrist, shoulder and elbow action which is starting to take its toll on me. The auto up and down action of the Oliso is very attractive in that regard, so I have spent the last two hours researching all kinds of irons on the Internet. Here’s what I have determined….. I haven’t found an iron on the market that doesn’t have quality issues. As far as the Oliso, there are two drawbacks that made me decide NOT to buy one. 1. Oliso not satisfy my need for crisp seams and zero wrinkles because it won’t get hot enough. This totally makes sense to me because any iron that can sit a half inch above the ironing surface and not scorch it, is not hot enough to press a great seam. I have a friend who has an Oliso. After pressing each seam she uses a “clapper” on it, which to me totally defeats the whole purpose of saving our wrists. 2. The handle is too fat for my small hands. No point in protecting my wrists, just to cause more wear and tear on my arthritic hands. I was so hoping Oliso would be the perfect iron. Final opinion is….. the perfect iron doesn’t exist, yet!

  49. Jean Schrader says:

    I enjoyed my Oliso while it worked for about a year. It was then unused for a few months then would not even heat up when plugged in and turned on. Neither did the legs work.

  50. Carole Umbaugh says:

    This is the worst project iron I have ever used. It can’t change temps and it always burns my fingers when using. When I add water to the iron very hot water Pours down your hand.

    I would not buy this iron again for fear of really hurting my hand.

    This model is an Oliso M2 pro.

  51. Cara says:

    I just bought an Oliso and absolutely love and enjoy using it! The site does say
    Oliso does recommend plain tap water. The FAQ section on their website states clearly that if you have very hard water, mix 1/2 tap water with 1/2 distilled water and, alternatively, you can use bottled drinking water. It clearly states to never use 100% distilled water and to always empty your water tank between ironing sessions. Their reason for not using distilled water is due to the fact that distilled water is so clean it will actually remove minerals from the metals inside the iron causing premature leakage.

  52. kay Tschakert Gade & Red Gade says:

    I bought an Oliso tg1600 smart iron–i love how hot it gets & The lift feature – But when i go to empty the water some stays in it–impossible to empty all of it ! Now it is spitting brown spots on fabric–can u help ?? Any ideas are welcome Thx

    • Laura Hopper says:

      Glad that you like the features of the Oliso! It sounds like it would be best to contact Oliso’s customer service about the issue you’re having. They should be able to help! 🙂

  53. Sue says:

    I had an Oliso- did not really get hot enough so I rarely used it. Plugged it in one day (when it was out of warranty) and nothing- would not come on. So I tossed it and bought a Panasonic cordless- love it and have had it for years. The Oliso- are WAY overpriced for no longer than they sometimes last.

  54. Denise says:

    This was a great read and if the iron worked as it should, they would be marvelous irons. Bought my first Oliso in 2020, there was an issue with where the cord goes into the iron and it shot out blue sparks and flames before I could get it unplugged. Was told it was out of warranty. The next one I purchased in 2021 and it just went out with the trash over the weekend, also out of warranty. Glad I had a backup on hand and I think I will stick with replacing the cheap irons every 1-2 years.
    Both irons were jerky, they liked to go up and down on their own when I was pressing and sometimes while holding it the feet would not retract.

  55. Robbie says:

    I really like my pink Oliso. I have some of the same issues listed here – hissing, spitting, getting water stains on my pretty ironing board covers. My sister somehow managed to get it stuck in the “down” position and burned through 2 covers AND the padded cover. Had I not smelled the burning, who knows if my house would still be here! She’s banned from ever using that iron again! However, just a matter of days later, it completely died on me. I have no idea if it’s related to what happened but it’s dead. I ordered the Missouri Star Quilt Company patterned iron as I love this iron for my fabric and quilting. This is the last time, tho. I have a Rowenta ProGlide that I’m using while waiting delivery of the MSQ Oliso and it’s working pretty darn good! It’s alot lighter, that’s for sure. We’ll see if this replacement lasts longer. I’m going to keep a careful watch on it after reading alot of these comments.

  56. Pam says:

    I’m on my 3rd Oliso TG1600 Pro, and now the same problem has happened again. I’m not going for #4. The steam;selector lever stops working and just flops back and forth. It just happened again, and it stopped in the steam position, so I have no way of turning off steam. It’s happened with each iron within just a few months, and I guarantee I am not man-handling that lever. My iron was still under warranty, so Oliso sent me a replacement each time, but it just keeps happening. I don’t know if I’m getting a new iron each time or a refurbished one. I haven’t read that anyone else is having a steam-selector lever problem, which makes me wonder why I’ve had 3 irons with the same problem.

  57. Lorraine says:

    I am grateful for these comments. For some of us a $200 iron is very expensive. That is one has the same issues as irons that cost under $50 is a deal breaker for me.

  58. Nicci Fiasco says:

    I just bought the Oliso Tula Pink version. I just used it for the first time. I like how it irons and it seems to work really well and have a heavy crush to the cloth without creasing it terribly. ONLY ISSUE IS: it is dripping water droplets. I think the water is coming from the fab selector area–right underneath it. It’s not non-stop, but I ironed a few items, about six items and it dripped drops of water off and on the entire time. I am hoping it’s a fluke. I dropped the coin on this, because my cheaper iron spittered all over my last quilt and it was quite upsetting. I don’t need this from a high end iron.

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