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The name Charley Harper typically elicits one of two responses: 1.) "I LOVE him! My mom/grandfather/1st grade teacher had a mug/poster/puzzle of his artwork." OR 2.) "Who dat?"


The Maypole Quilt Pattern: A Simple Design with Bold Impact


The Maypole Quilt pattern is available for instant download!
Get the pattern here.

Even though it's currently July rather than May, I could not bring myself to name this design anything other than Maypole. The interweaving ribbons of color remind me of a painting that has hung in my parent's house for the majority of my life. 

I've spent lots of time looking at this painting because it hung in my childhood bathroom​.


A Beautiful Romance: The Double Wedding Ring Quilt


Ahhhh the Double Wedding Ring's so romantical. Looking for the next great love story? Delete that Netflix tab, because you have come to the right blog post. We’re about to dive into one of the most romantic quilt patterns ever: the Double Wedding Ring Quilt. 

Above photo by Daderot, via Wikimedia Commons


Simple Designs: Weekend Quilting Book Tour


I'm bringing you something special today, my quiltketeers. A book tour! Oh yes, and not just any book tour – it's your favorite kind of book tour – one that involves quilts and notions and many beautiful quilt photos taken by other quilters all over the world. 


The 5 Best Portable Sewing Machines


Here are the BEST portable sewing machines – cause let's face it, we like to sew errywhere. Some people bring books or magazines with them to entertain themselves when they’re on-the-go… but I bring quilting projects. Now, before you give me the side-eye, I once sat next to someone who was knitting a baby sweater in a dark movie theater, so in comparison, I’m not even that weird.